Without ethical references, drifting Europe

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It had been warned by numerous "watch-towers" and from multiple points of view that a union based only on money and the excessive power of the "market", without ethical references, would lead to the most outrageous failure. They were not able to achieve more union than the monetary one when it should be a political, economic, cultural and social union. Those who dreamed of a united Europe by "democratic principles" - as proclaimed in the preamble of the Constitution of UNESCO- have been disappointed. Those who, like Robert Schumann and Jean Monnet in 1949, proclaimed that "Europe must be invented," have not been taken into account by the politicians of the 21st century, unable to contain the money torrent...

The excellent Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union!, adopted in 2000, has been set aside by the current governors and parliamentarians, instead of placing it as a fundamental axis of their compasses, of their "roadmaps".

And so, we are defenseless against socially intolerable facts - the OXFAM-INTERMON Report on the concentration of financial power in very few hands is heartbreaking -and with unacceptable-  and unimaginable, in the case of Spain - shows signs of lack of solidarity and, which is even more distressing, with outbreaks of racism, phobias and fanaticism. The solution lies in democracy and education. Genuine democracy is clearly absent. They aim to base it exclusively on the ballot boxes rather than on the essential ethical values of the equal dignity of all human beings, justice, freedom and solidarity. This was proposed some time ago in a draft Declaration that includes ethical, social, political, economic, cultural and international democracy.

Education -to build up "free and responsible" global citizens- must be guided for "being" rather than "having". To be fully able to exercise without hindrance the distinctive faculties of the human race: to reflect, to imagine, to innovate and to create! And to act according to our own decisions and never again to the order of anyone or of any dogma.

Digital technology must be at the service of human beings and not quite the opposite.

 Yes: every human being free and responsible, able of creating and carrying out the reins of destiny in their hands, is our hope. It is the only hope to clarify horizons today so somber.