Unavoidable and urgent new premises

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

-Sustainability should prevail over the costs (if the temperature continues increasing worldwide, irreversible effects will occur and would seriously influence on the habitability of Earth).
-The next generations’ assets over the present ones.
-The social aims over the economic ones (there is no money for refugees and migrants ... and however each month the European Central Bank provides 80 billion Euros to the banking system ... Instead of sharing out, the resources are daily accumulated in fewer hands).
-The global over local (phenomena at planetary scale affect, in a short time, the approaches of limited scope).

Total change of paradigm:

- The hegemony of a few by the harmonious coexistence of many (disarmament for development).
- Global threats must be eradicated: the nuclear threat; terrorism, going back to its roots (fanaticism, dogmatism, extremism, racism ...).
- Only the knowledge can solve problems that darken current horizons: a transformation in depth requires in-depth knowledge of reality.

In conclusion, it should be accelerated the historical transition from a culture based on the reason of force to a culture based on the force of reason.

From force to word.