Listen to the voice of the people

Monday, January 27, 2014

Democracy is precisely to rule according to the will of the citizenship. Those who do it on behalf of the majority expressed at the polls should not even forget minorities for a moment.

It is a great mistake to claim past absolute majorities, because it deals with reflecting the aspirations of the people as a whole at every moment. The word "absolute" is strictly incompatible with democracy and correcting mechanisms should exist to prevent "roll laws" in Parliament, with total disdain towards the other groups.

Authentic democracy seeks a careful evolution so that the "democratic principles" -so well enshrined in the UNESCO’s Constitution- and kept while other aspects which became meaningless are modified. To pretend that yesterday's solutions are useful for the problems of today and tomorrow is a dangerous political short-sightedness.

 I insist: evolution, as the wisdom of nature indicated, or revolution. The difference, I have repeated many times, is just one "r" of responsibility. Not listening, not paying attention to the outcry and cry of the street, can result in a revolutionary trigger.

Let’s listen. “Everybody is "Gamonal” “, I read in a banner yesterday. Gamonal are many and there are many "open-handed". Macroeconomics refers to a few and does not help social upheavals that today suffer many human beings, near and far.

Please listen and rectify.

Right to say "yes", and right -and often duty- to say "no"

Agree or disagree, expressing freely, without restrictions.

Only in recent years,

-If it has been said no when the twosome Reagan-Thatcher promoted the substitution of the "democratic principles" -as well established in the Constitution of UNESCO since 1945- by the market laws, and the United Nations by plutocratic groups, G7, G8...G20!

 -If it has been said no with a truly popular outcry to the Iraq invasion! If it has been said no to a monetary union in Europe without a previous economical and political union!

-If it has been said no to that fateful day of May 10th, 2010 in which the “great domain” imposed its guidelines of total economical dependence!

-If it has been said no to the health, education, science and justice cuts!

-If it has been said no to the reactionary LOMCE (Law on Education)! If it has been said no to the amazing progressive reduction of "historical memory", leaving many facts unclear, leaving many open wounds!

etc., etc., etc.

Until recently, most citizens could not express.  They remained silent and silenced.  Not now.  Now, digital technology allows many people to express themselves progressively.  And the voice of the people can be, it will be very soon, the expression of citizen power, essential in a genuine democracy.

I understand there are many people who refrain from expressing his opinion owing to the harmful outcomes that can be originated from it. But I encourage all others to join their voice or their cry -"we will always have the word" said Blas Infante- to show, always without violence, what they think should not be accepted in the context of civil liberties.

It is not tolerable that each day is invested in military expenditures and armament more than 3 billion dollars when dozens and dozens of people die of hunger, and it is not tolerable that 2 billion people living below the poverty threshold, and it is not tolerable that, with total disregard of our intergenerational commitments, we let the habitability of Earth to be deteriorated, and it is intolerable that 85 people have a fortune equivalent to 3.5 billion people, half of humanity...

And it is not tolerable to see today how it is intended to "cut" the scope of global justice, when Spain was at the forefront...

Let us say no. Or to say yes when we believe we should agree but being owners of our destiny. Otherwise, we would deserve the terrible sentence of Albert Camus that I say frequently "I despised them because being able to do so much, they ventured so little”.

We deserve to know what happened

Monday, January 20, 2014

For thirty-five years, the vanquishers had the unique opportunity to know the reality, to identify victims and discover what remained hidden
How to disagree now, after so many years since the unfortunate events and almost four decades of democracy, that the defeated can do the same with their families and relatives? No one can appeal to risks of violence or revenge somehow. It is to try to get, at once, the citizen’s "normalization", all different, each with their own culture, belief and ideology that allows a “new beginning”. 

It should be learned from past the lessons that encourage serenely the harmonious coexistence, the genuine democracy. 

Everybody against impunity! All in favour of the commissions of truth and justice! 

The people without memory are at risk of having no future.

Having more of the same? No. The future is to be done (El por-venir está por-hacer)

Friday, January 3, 2014

And the citizen’s power will make possible the radical changes that are approaching.

No more oligarchic groups instead of a re-founded United Nations, provided with the necessary technical, personal and financial resources.

No longer strictly monetary assessment and orientation, but political action guided by the "democratic principles" clearly established in 1945 (UNESCO’s Constitution).

An economy no longer based on speculation, productive relocation and war, but in knowledge for a sustainable global development, allowing a decent life for all mankind and not excluding, as now, the 80% of them.

An economy that ensures the equal dignity of all human beings, essential and necessary in all human rights, and takes cares the priorities that everyone should have access: food, water, health, environment, education and peace.

No more exploitation based in outrageous agreements but cooperation.

Not keeping the environment from falling into the oblivion, an ethical irresponsible disdain of invaluable consequences for the future generations.

Never again considering inevitable the daily genocide of abandonment and hunger for more than 60,000 people, while for the safety of the wealthy are invested, in 24 hours, 4 billion dollars in sophisticated weapons and military expenditures, encouraging -what a terrible incongruity!- a "defense culture", of imposition and domain instead of a culture of peace, encounter, reconciliation and alliance.

Especially in potentially irreversible issues, measures should be adopted to ensure the Earth’s habitability. In a few years, the availability of fuels from shale and marine clatrenos will shift the world geo-economics, requiring a large increase in renewable energy to regulate CO2 and gas with “greenhouse effect”.

The future is to be done. The future we desire will emerge from global awareness, global citizenship, with a progressive equity, finally able to express and stop being invisible, silent, obedient.

Finally, the citizens may, in person and in cyberspace, express freely. The voice of citizens will strengthen the current "formal" democracies, which have weakened the State and granted immense power to the multinational corporations.

The future is to be done. But as Martí i Pol has written a beautiful verse, “and by whom, if not by all of us?”.

Let's join hands and voices. Let’s subscribe protests and proposals on social networks.

A great historical turning is approaching.