Urgent: a new concept of security

Monday, August 29, 2016

(Reflections about the great fires in the north of Spain, the Palm Island, California…, earthquakes in Italy and Mynamar…)

The current major powers continue believing that military force is the only expression and reference of 'security'. Serious error, fling error that focuses exclusively on military aspects and leaves completely unassisted other multiple aspects of the 'human' security, that is, in any case, what really matters. 

When we observe the arsenals full of rockets, bombs, planes and warships, submarines... and at the same time the thousands of persons who die of hunger every day, and those who live in extreme poverty without access to suitable health services... and look dismayed at the deteriorating conditions of habitability of the Earth, we become aware that we must react without delay because we are reaching points of no return on core issues of the intergenerational legacy. 

When we overlook the dramatic difference between the resources dedicated to potential clashes and these available for facing recurrent natural disasters (fire, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis,...) be note, with bemusement, that the concept of "security" that the producers of armament continue promoting is not only anachronistic but highly harmful for the whole humanity, and that is urgent the adoption of a new concept of "security", under the careful supervision and direct involvement of the United Nations. 

Who remember Haiti? And Ecuador? When we admire the heroic actions of a few skilled firefighters and some helicopters and little planes trying to control devastating fires... and remember the "fullness" of the F-16 and F-18, and the missiles and shields anti-missile, and aircraft carriers, and spacecraft... When we follow the admirable actions of so many people and voluntaries to rescue some still alive citizens after a terrible earthquake… we feel the duty, that cannot be postponed, to speak up and proclaim, as citizens of the world, that we must not continue tolerating the immense damage, frequently fatal suffering by so many other forms of "insecurity" who - a large majority - are not protected by military defense effectives. 

Food, access to safe water, health services, rapid, coordinated and effective action in emergency situations... - this and not other is the kind of security is that "We, the peoples..." dream and deserve.