The Women, Peace-Builders

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Women, the cornerstone of the new era," as President Nelson Mandela told me in 1996 in Pretoria. "She will be the one who, with her inherent faculties, puts into practice the culture of peace and non-violence. Because women only exceptionally use force. And man only exceptionally does not use it”. 

I transcribe below a document written by Andre Sheldon, Director of the Global Strategy of Nonviolence:

“As Sumaya Farhat-Nasser and Gila Svirsky explain in a joint declaration, “the women’s peace movement in Palestine and in Israel believes that the time has come to end the bloodshed. The time has come to lay down our weapons and our fears. We refuse to accept more warfare in our lives, our communities, our nations. We refuse to go along with the fear. We refuse to give in the violence. We refuse to be enemies.”