European solidarity: so far from yesterday to today

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

President Von Weizsäcker said in 1992: "It is essential to achieve a cooperative neighbourhood so that borders become bridges.

There was co-operation and there was help for endogenous development. The generosity of Nordic countries in helping the needy was proverbial.

Notice the difference with the current Europe. Now the borders are reinforced, the entrance is limited and aid for international cooperation has decreased dramatically.

The European Union, whose countries left one day millions of migrants is now a
shameful example of lack of solidarity.

It appears that Germany is changing attitude in the last days, at least with refugees. The aid should be extended to all, especially considering the immense benefits of “the markets”.

Public outcry for, starting with Spain, helping and being consequent with our past. It would be enough that a part of what Spain has paid in recent years for "incurred in the acquisition of arms debts" (almost 5 billion Euros) was dedicated to helping the needy.

Then, yes, Europe and in Spain would build bridges instead of fences and barbed wires.

Be careful! The lords of the world want to impose again the reason of force and money

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

We should all pay attention to the Republican debates in the US to raise the voice on time and, if necessary, the cry against the possibility that the heads of the markets, of force, hegemony, lack of solidarity ... again occupy the White House.

“Money talks for itself”, said Cervantes. The world, that is today at the possibility of reaching points of no return in social and environmental processes and to perpetuate as "side effects" human intolerable situations such as extreme poverty and forced migration, should now, with great urgency, react decisively to those who have imposed neoliberalism, have weakened the State-Nation, have marginalized the United Nations by replacing them with inefficient and ridiculous oligarchic groups, have displaced human rights by mercantile, have not signed the Convention on Human rights of the Child, have placed the World Trade Organization directly outside the scope of the United Nations, invaded Iraq without the consent of the Security Council, have resisted to Medicare and regularization of millions of immigrants ...

To imagine a third President of the saga of the Bush ... let’s tremble! And react. It is necessary to transit resolutely from the reason of force to the force of reason and enforcement against those who have always despised the value of "We, the peoples", which lucidly establishes the United Nations Charter.

It is crucial that the leadership of President Obama may be performed until the end of his mandate ... and continue later, in moments of historical turning points that are approaching, setting up a democratic multilateralism for a social, political, economic, and environmental "new beginning" which it is demanding.

Chaos ratings

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Four press reports the same day ("El País", July 31, 2015) warned of the serious ethical, conceptual and political situation in which we find ourselves:

1. "Two judges next to PP will judge the Bárcenas case." How the citizenship still tolerate having “progressive” and “conservative” judges, next to a party or the other? Popular outcry. A country without "fair justice" is a country adrift.

2. "Carroñeros
" by Xavier Vidal Folch. It starts as follows: "Bravo. Madrid's Mayor, Manuela Carmena, cancelled the privatization process of 2086 (!) Social housing for rent ... They are snatched from the "vulture funds", as are called the investor hedge funds in government bonds or other assets, as housing, close to bankruptcy institutions ... Their “scavenger” operations with tangible affected and benefit tangible as well ... "(concerning, relevant former presidents of Madrid, that are mentioned).

There is another reason for a great public outcry. I remember the negative comments devoted to the President of Argentina because she resisted to submit to the large "vultures" of North America ... Let us raise the voice. Let us say "enough". Vulture funds, no!!!

3. "Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) concealed a report contrary to a nuclear cemetery of Cuenca". The direction of the CSN did not delivered to the five full members of this body, the "information note" from the geologists’ area of ​​the institution, which aimed at the "unfavorable characteristics" of the place chosen for the radioactive waste silo of Cuenca.

This is really news that requires immediate and thorough investigation in order to determine the very serious responsibilities, if any, may fall on those who had acted not only because of "uncertainty" but for failing to warn of potential disaster of enormous human dimension. I am sure everything will be clarified and will proceed scientifically, without accepting any kind of pressure. These and other cases are what the people are now urgently claiming: clarity, knowing exactly the situation and the consequences that could result if timely corrective action is not taken.

4. "Refugee Stories" by Monika Zgustova. "When Europeans fleeing barbarism, in most cases they found a country which sheltered them. Today, their descendants are highly unsupportive with the new waves of needy from the East ".... Intense public outcry in order that the EU stops being strictly a monetary union and becomes a political and economic union and implement the excellent Charter of Fundamental Rights (2000) and is governed by democratic principles. Today it is subject to markets, with a rigorous practice of neoliberalism. We want that EU helps development, to be supportive, to be an example of democracy.

Popular outcry.