Copenhagen Climate Summit

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Hundreds of millions of dollars were suddenly made available to rescue the same financial institutions which, in the words of President Obama, due to their “greed and irresponsibility” prompted this grave situation of multiple crises (economic, environmental, democratic, ethical…). There was no money for the Millennium Objectives, to eradicate poverty or to adequately treat AIDS…, but funds for this singular “rescue” were mobilized in both the United States and the European Union. And all the while 3,000 million dollars are spent each day on military investments and weapons…

For all of the above, it is both surprising and outrageous to consider it a victory that the European Union will contribute 7,000 million euros to the reduction of CO2, when that amounts to a mere 56 hours of military spending!! The conclusion is that we must urgently reinforce the United Nations so that the entire international community can be duly represented. The coming generations will never forgive the indifference with which we are treating the future quality of life on this planet. Because it will be their present, because it will be a legacy that reflects the confusion that has dominated this plutocracy (G-7, G-8, G-20…)

Replacing the “We the peoples…” of the United Nations, the leaders must not forget that now, for the first time in history, the peoples, the people, will not remain silent. They have virtual means for mobilizing that will far surpass the immense powers of the media that the leaders control.

Some quick notes on some timely issues…

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There is no money to fight poverty. Nor to protect the environment. But suddenly there appeared thousands of millions of dollars to “rescue” some of the very institutions that prompted this present crisis. Now the time has come to rescue Mother Earth, and the people who inhabit this planet. We can no longer remain silent.

FAO summit in Rome. Where are the G-8 or the G-20? Where is the aid from the more prosperous countries? Where is the mobilization of the churches of all faiths at the sight of millions of adults and children who die of starvation each day? Where is the principle of diverting money spent on weapons to raise the quality of life of the peoples? Where is the transition from an economy of war and speculation to an economy of sustainable global development?

Copenhagen Climate Change Conference:

China, the communist-capitalist country that has become the world’s richest nation and an immense factory for the entire world, with working conditions that ignore who actually is obtaining most of the profits, the United States announced a few days ago that they will reduce carbon dioxide emissions! They have finally partially changed their attitude. And they would make even greater changes if they were to realize that the future generations of both of these giant nations will never forgive such a profound error. They should join the rest of the international community in approving measures to be taken by a reinforced United Nations. The last thing we need is for the G-20 to actually be reduced to a G-2!

The IBEX, together with the Spanish ecclesiastical hierarchy contribute to organizing the Pope’s trip

No comments on this photo. Only the desire to see the same image with a banner proclaiming “Zero Poverty Campaign”. I still insist that it’s hard for me to sleep when we continue to spend 3,000 million dollars daily on weapons while 60,000 die of hunger, poverty and neglect. It is our collective shame.

And in the meantime we look the other way, as silent spectators, each of us absorbed by our daily problems. The moment for citizens to express themselves has come, led by communities of artists, intellectuals, professors and scientists! An immense electronic and popular mobilization is essential, now that we are still in time to achieve the great change that this crisis should provoke.

Because I am convinced that if we don’t rectify our present course now, in five or ten years the social, labor, environmental… situations and perspectives will be so grave that they may produce what Ortega called a “rebellion of the masses.” Although some refuse to admit it, a post-crisis situation prompts rapid evolution. And revolution is never an advisable alternative. So I must once again underscore that the difference between evolution and revolution is the single letter “r”: the “r” of responsibility.