The solution: to support human and sustainable development

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In the excellent design of the United Nations System of President Roosevelt, with institutions and specialized programs in food (FAO), health (WHO), labor (ILO), education, science and culture (UNESCO), childhood (UNICEF)... he emphasized the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP) because of the importance of the resources and the widespread support. Three key words to guarantee a supportive future that would allow a dignified life for all in the corresponding countries of origin:

to share
to cooperate
to engage

The Constitution of UNESCO proclaimed in 1945 that “humanity should be guided by the democratic principles" ... and through education should ensure that all human beings are “free and responsible” and equal in dignity.

Gradually, the aids became loans under draconian conditions, international cooperation became exploitation, the World Bank "for Reconstruction and Development" lost his surname to be a tool for the most prosperous countries ... and, moreover, the neoliberals Reagan and Thatcher changed the ethical values by the stock markets, the United
Nations by plutocratic groups (G7, G8, G20) and placed the World Trade Organization directly outside the scope of the United Nations.

The result is obvious: an economy of speculation, production delocalization and war (I am never tire of saying that every day more than 3 billion dollars are spent on weapons and military expenditures while approximately 20,000 people are starving, mostly children from one to five years), a drastic reduction in development aid, overfilled tax havens, trafficking of all kinds in the midst of the greatest impunity at the supranational level, deterioration of the habitability of Earth...

Luckily, most recently, the voice of the people can be heard by the extolled because of digital technology; human beings -unless ridiculous exceptions- feel progressively world citizens; and woman, isolated for centuries by male absolute power, begins to participate with the inherent and distinctive faculties, in decision-making...

Now, as we have seen in the terrible case of refugees and migrants, it has been the cry of the people and their open arms that have made radical changes in the closed-minded and opaque attitude of the leaders. Now, in
short time, the organization charts of power that seemed immutable have been disrupted.

Now, admired and dear “El Roto", “We, the peoples...” will be the ones who  will answer to your fantastic drawing of September 19 in “El País”, as

 recently replied to the child Aylan in the Turkish beach Hoca Ali Burnu.

Thank you. With calls to popular consciousness like this, the bent paths will straighten and a genuine democracy at national, regional and global levels will be consolidated.
Thank you.

A horrible image to trigger solidarity

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

UNESCO defines "educated" those who are "free and responsible". We will be responsible when we do not need images like this in order to react. When we do not forget that every day thousands of children, women and men die from hunger while 3 billion dollars are invested in weapons and military expenditures. When we do not look away knowing that we are deteriorating the environment. When we demand firmly to the highest authorities, with great popular outcry, that development aid should be increased to achieve a decent life for all… then we will be responsible.

And we will stop deserving the terrible cry of Albert Camus: “I despise you because being able, do not dare”.

Humanity must face today challenges that can reach points of no return: letters to President Barack Obama and to the NGO

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Humanity must face today challenges that can reach points of no return. In dealing with this kind of processes potentially irreversible, to postpone the adoption of measures would be an intolerable and guilty irresponsibility: the deterioration of the environment; the human tragedy of the refugees and emigrants; the demented actions of the so called “Islamic State”; the war in Syria… and the daily genocide of thousands of persons dying of hunger while 3 billion dollars are invested in armament and military expenditures… With a reasonable part of this amount, global sustainable development could be implemented. 

It’s a real human emergency to act, applying all knowledge available in order to stop and reddress the present trends. 

For all these reasons, I publish the letters recently written to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, and to the NGos of the United Nations. 

We are drafting at present a Joint Declaration requesting to convene without delay an Extraordinary Session of the UN General Assembly –with the consensus of all the countries, because global threats require global actions- in order to adopt measures on the most pressing issues mentioned above, as well as a “road map” for the refoundation of a United Nations System capable to deal with the new possibilities and dangers of the digital era and the anthropocene. The Joint Declaration will be published as well in the next weeks.