Thousands of dead immigrants and refugees in the Mediterranean ... and Europeans looking the other way

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

"32 hospitalized immigrants after jumping the fence of Ceuta ..."

What a shame! So many people are worried about and occupied in so many insignificant things, in so many "pre-fabricated" of media that make them impassive, confused spectators, able to shout in favor of their team for an hour and a half without stopping ... while are not paying the least attention to the very serious problems that affect their social and ecological environment...

The strictly monetary European Union can invest billions a month into the financial system ... but lacks resources for development aid in such a way that people can live with dignity in their places of origin ...

We are going to mobilize big outcries. We will raise our voice. Let's look at what cannot be deferred firmly adopting appropriate decisions.

On May 20, 2004, I wrote the following poem in Madrid, which I now copy below to help us not to see ourselves as prisoners of inertia:

Life is what happens
while we look away.
               John Lennon

I will try
until the last moment
to look at what I should
although it hurts me,
although it seethes with indignation
all my body.

Although my eyes
are covered of tears
and mourning,
I will look resolute
where do I should
in order that my cry
does not stop,
so that my rebellion
does not cease,
so that I never
be chained,
any day,
to the inertia.

Yes: we are going to raise our voice and to firmly proclaim our proposals for radical changes both in person and in the cyberspace. Otherwise, we would be accomplice.