Another Europe

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The monetary European Union has failed. The eurozone, subjected to the more radical neoliberal globalization, has been unable to build a political, social and economic union, which would be at the height of the excellent Charter of Fundamental Rights that enlightened the year 2000.

It was clear that the economic short-termism and submitted to the markets led to neo-fascist, xenophobic, fanatic, isolationist outbreaks ... The result of the recent elections in Austria, fanatics to Le Pen in France, the extreme right wing in Sweden -which contrasts even more with its past-...  everything predicted -the PIGS; the shamelessness to appoint governments in Italy and Greece, the cradle of democracy ,without polls; the nonsense follow-up of plutocratic groups (G7, G8, G20) instead of strengthening a democratic multilateral system; substitution of ethical values ​​by stock markets; production delocalization guided by greed; institutional and moral coldness in relation with the right to asylum and development aid ... - what now seems to surprise most European leaders.
The “Brexit” –the “sui generis” Britain’s argument to leave from where they never really entered!- has been necessary in order to react  now... if "British checks" or facilities are not yielded again to those who do not deserve them. Do not allow anyone to carry out binding referenda without clearly setting up acceptable limits of the decision of some citizens over the will of others....

 Almost five years ago, President Obama had warned that the single "austerity" would not solve the social and economic challenges of the new digital era... He was ignored...

We are, therefore, in a very difficult moment with many lessons that if they were learned and grasped could lead in a few years to properly focus the current trends. Including citizens of the current fragmented United Kingdom, especially young people, would welcome that the "new beginning" demanded by the anthropocene, requires a united and democratic Europe in a united and democratic world as a premise with the re-founded United Nations to be at the height of the times. Persons like Trump and Johnson would remain insignificant, without voice and audience.

Roberto Savio has warned that the first lesson is to take action decisively facing those who expect to repeat, consciously or unconsciously, the tragic history of Europe in the twentieth century. Memory of what happened in order to behave today as Robert Schumann proclaimed in 1949: "We must invent Europe" ... to be an example of brotherhood and never confrontational, of equality and never of prevalence.