Silenced. Silent

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The immense media power prevents the spreading of the multiple voices of alert, the proposals for new approaches, for radical changes, for the transition from force to word, for the historical inflection of the new era that has started.

I wrote in “Terral” in the month of October 1992, what I repeat today:

Everything is overrun by the present,
it overruns everything.
Its uproar prevents us
hearing the past.
Its hustle obscures
the future
and everything is shattered
and darkened.

Each day we must see
those eyes as yet
watching us.

We must say the unsayable,
words no-one wants to hear
if we want to live
with heads held high
able to look our children.
Only an outstretched hand
Could  shine the light
to orient a new course....”

Twenty five years ago! It is now urgent still to say what does not want to be heard. And outstretch caring hands, never again raised.

Let's not be silenced. We can and must express ourselves. Great in-person and digital outcries could, at last, put the reins of the common destiny into the hands of people.