Memory of the future

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I like to repeat that what really matters is the “memory of the future still unaffected a great extent, which can be written with the specific guidelines of a deep scientific knowledge, all hands together. The memory of the past is needed in order to know that major changes were never carried out by the force of arms but by the force of ideas, ideals. Memory to know that integration is never achieved by interest and money but throughout culture, by the thick network of different strings.

Learn to anticipate, foresee to prevent. And when you cannot prevent, the effect can be minimized if, in advance, various possible scenarios have been established and the measures be taken in each of them rightly foreseen... In order to avoid that past mistakes are repeated, a forward-looking attitude must be adopted. The memory of the future takes into account the lessons of the past, but looks forward permanently.

We can invent the future; we can find solutions to major challenges. If "impossibles yesterday are possible today”, in the same way we are able to achieve the today’s impossibles come true tomorrow.

It is necessary and urgent dare to change, to share, to accomplish the great transition from subjects to citizens, from spectators to actors, from a culture of force and imposition to a culture of dialogue and conciliation.

Memory of the future.  Past is already written and must be faithfully described. But the future is to be done. And this is our big opportunity, our duty, our hope.