The armed forces are to "defend your values”!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Do not go too far!

If the total confusion we are living is not far away -how I miss the "Guide for the Perplexed" of Maimonides- now it turns out that, with large format, the Spanish TV announced that the armed forces (with powerful bombers and all) are those who "defend your values​​"!

I am not against the importance of the armed forces, weighted and efficient, subordinated to democratic power, i.e. at the service of the nation. But who defends "our values” is a participatory democracy, with absolute independence of the legislative, judicial and executive powers ...

UNDP has announced that will have to carry out "deep cuts and mass layoff" so the neediest countries no longer will receive the limited aid that currently perceived. In the last months, there has been an increasing demand for military equipment, especially in the Eastern ... There are no beans -as President Evo Morales would say- to put in the dishes of the citizens but everyday more than 3 billion dollars are invested in military expenditures and war artefacts.

Let us defend our values. Now that we can express ourselves freely, raise our voice in a great outcry.