Actions cannot be postponed concerning potentially irreversible social and environmental processes!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The scientific, academic, artistic and intellectual communities, in short, cannot remain indifferent given the seriousness of the moment at global, regional and national levels. 

Some years ago, I wrote this on several occasions, Exxon Mobile reacted to the announcement of the Academy of Sciences of the United States that not only carbon dioxide emissions were excessive but its recapture decreased progressively, deteriorating the phytoplankton in the ocean, creating a Foundation that, with hired pseudo scientists, declared just the opposite for their own benefits. In the end, after several years, the lie was discovered and published to its full extent in Newsweek Magazine (The Truth of Denial). Nothing happened. The largest international consortium commits a crime of such magnitude that can affect the habitability of the Earth ... and the voice of millions of people around the world, who think about the legacy they are leaving to the future generations to live a decent life on Earth, is not heard. 

Now, in a time when we can express freely and raise our voice and outcry to the conscious –which is incredible- action of Volkswagen, a large German company, that pollutes rather than attempts to reduce the effects of combustion, putting a cheating "software" in car engines produced by them ... Silence. 

And, the EU, rather than punishing as this vile act deserves, "stick together" in Germany ... without raising the indignant voice of Europe's citizens. 

Given the terrible outrages of the named "Islamic state" ... and the uncoordinated action against extreme fanaticism, due to the absence of a democratic and effective multilateralism, that neoliberalism substituted by completely inefficient plutocratic groups (G7, G8, G20) ... silence. 

In case of terrible suffering of migrants and refugees ... silence. In case of neoliberal policies that increase social gaps ... silence. 

In case of the interference of economic institutions in educational and conceptual domains ... silence. 

In case of the subordination of social justice to the markets ... silence. 

"We must not remain unaware of the great problems of our time," Professor Yolanda Valdeolivas, Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Autonomous University of Madrid, pointed out last September 30, in the inaugural lecture of the academic course, in memory and tribute to Prof. Francisco Tomas y Valiente, killed by ETA almost 20 years ago. "The university must faithfully reflect society. We must not resign expecting events, because it is an essential part of our responsibility to inspire, originate or avoid them. The university proceeding should be free, critical and creative”. 

Yes: we cannot remain silent. We cannot remain as passive spectators of what happens, otherwise we would become complicit. The scientific, academic, educational, artistic, intellectual and creative communities, in short, should be at the forefront of popular mobilization. It is necessary they act now, with great urgency, to ensure that points of no return are not reached in the habitability of the Earth and the living conditions of citizens. 

Not one more day submitted to traders, not one more day accepting the plutocratic groups’ governance, not one more day being indifferent to the daily genocide of thousands of people who die of hunger, most of them children, while more than 3 billion dollars are invested in weapons and military expenditures. Not one more day in Europe accepting to support a strictly monetary union without political, economic and fiscal ordinance which is essential. 

Now human beings can speak freely, know what is happening, and women, the cornerstone of the new era that is coming, plays an important and non-mimetic role in decision-making. But the popular outcry requires catalysts, promoters that guide, foster and follow up on the voice of the people. Then, there will be "genuine democracy", and then there will be a clear distinction between the urgent, the important and the secondary. The time of submission and indifference is over. Crime of silence.

Emphatic measures to prevent racism and xenophobia

In Germany, in Dresden, more than 20,000 citizens on the streets have demanded “immediate mass deportations”.

In Switzerland, the extreme right wing has become the largest political force of the Confederation, which advocates for the rapid reduction of immigrants (except, of course, of the ones that, silently, transfer funds in their immense domain of strongbox).

Concerning this subject, indecisions cannot be applied not even accept excuses. Let’s do not forget that it started singing "Deutschland über alles" -Goebels version- and ended in Auschwitz...

All human beings are equal in dignity. Stop talking about "welfare state" which fosters no more than 18-20% of humanity, and fully exercise the solidarity that does so much good to the recipient and, above all, to those who practice it.

The European Union -strictly monetary, to the deep regret of the Europeans- is reacting timidly. It is now essential that emergency measures are adopted but, simultaneously, have to put into practice the most important and, especially, those representing a significant increase in development aid and international cooperation, in order to ensure a lifetime dignity for all in their places of origin.

The system that allows that every day are invested 3 billion dollars in weapons and military expenditures while 20,000 persons die of hunger and abandonment, most of them children from one to five years, should conclude. I am never tire of repeating, because it is this security, "human security" which we should ensure to overcome the inhuman conditions in which so many people live today.

It should be enough to dedicate 80% of current funds to "military security", but 20% will be allocated to "human security". Only with this, the current situation would radically change at world level.

Re-founding a democratic multilateralism, a United Nations provided with personal, technical, military and financial resources that are essential!

It is urgent, now, to convene an extraordinary meeting of the General Assembly, in order to address those issues that can lead to points of no return, especially concerning environmental and social matters. We cannot imagine the indignity, irresponsibility that would represent to irreversibly affect the habitability of the Earth. Among the processes in which emotion replaces reason and blindness the good sense, the sense of ethnic supremacy can lead to huge setbacks. They should not be tolerated for a moment. The persons that can only speak of risk premiums, debt and various percentages should know it clearly. Today global governance requires acting effectively and decisively at least in some issues.

Proposals to all political parties

Friday, October 9, 2015

In March 2014, I wrote a series of proposals at global, regional and national levels. 

I reaffirm, today, these proposals with some modifications because I consider that, especially when it concerns to potentially irreversible processes -such as environmental, social upheavals that produce large flows of emigration- the adoption of these measures cannot be postponed. 

  • At World level:
  1. Reduce quickly the risk of points of no return in potentially irreversible, especially social and environmental, processes. Intergenerational responsibility is essential to convene an extraordinary session of the United Nations General Assembly in order, considering the planetary emergency we are facing, to adopt appropriate measures, while a "road map" is decided for the United Nations System reform in-depth. ( 
  2. United Nations Reform: a General Assembly with 50% of representatives of States, another 50% of institutions of civil society, as well as three Executive Councils -Security for conflicts and disasters; Socioeconomic; and Environmental for health and environmental issues, without veto but weighted voting with the participation and representation that provide the moral and practical authority that is essential right now. 
  3. Dissolution of plutocratic groups and reinstatement (establishment) of an effective multilateral system. The substitution of a democratic multilateralism by plutocratic groups of 6, 7, 8... countries (G.6, G.7, G.8...G.20) has been, as foreseeable, a real upheaval, leading to a systemic crisis without precedents. “We, the peoples...” should claim now that we can, with a great world outcry, for their immediate dissolution and the reestablishment of the multilateralism. 
  4. Finish the death throes of the systemic crisis promoted by the Republican Party of the United States, that replaced democratic principles (justice, equality, freedom, solidarity) by market laws, and multilateralism by plutocratic groups whose resonant failure in replacing the United Nations is obvious. The urgent assistance for sustainable human development is a priority, in order to shelter them at the moment and then prevent the large flows of migrants aiming a better situation in more prosperous countries than their of origin where they are starving. I never tire of repeating that every day die from hunger more than 20,000 persons, most of them children from 1-5 years, while 3 billion dollars are invested in military and weapon expenditures. "Disarmament for development" is one of the great solutions that big producers of weapons oppose as well as the hegemonic ambitions of certain countries or parties. It would be a reasonable solution as it does not decrease security and a dignified life for all in their own countries would be obtained. 
  5. Nuclear disarmament is very urgent and a popular mobilization should be encouraged in the cyberspace to end this terrible "sword of Damocles". 
  6. Finish the mafia traffic at supra-national scale: trafficking of arms, drugs, persons... Regulation of drug trafficking and consumption, whose high price lacks of deterrence effect, hereafter considered, as it happens with alcohol and tobacco, a health problem and not a security one. 
  7. Restructuring of economic systems with the establishment of appropriate global regulatory mechanisms, the immediate disappearance of tax havens, without exception, and the transition from an economy of speculation, production delocalization and war to an economy of world sustainable development that allows ending exploitation, social upheaval, extreme poverty, starvation... that today endangers the dignity of the human condition as a whole.
  8. Promote the proper and expeditious functioning of the “regional associations” as the European Union, the CELAC, OAU... thus facilitating global governance. 
  • At European Level: 
  1. Reform of the EU treaties, strengthening the economic and political union that not preceded the monetary union. 
  2. If at elections to the European Parliament, the voting population of each country does not vote more than 60%, parliamentarians should not be appointed… 
  3. Political, economic and fiscal federation
  4. Autonomy in regard to security, replacing NATO, whose validity after the Warsaw Pact disappearance is unjustified and cost disproportionate amounts of money to Europe, and stop buying war material belonging indeed to past wars. 
  5. Balanced industrial relocation. 
  6. Incentives for R+D+i
  7. Reasonable prorogation of due dates for deficit reduction and regulation of financial flows
  8. Democratic principles restoration in order to guide the Union attitudes according the cultural, ethnic, ideological and religious pluralism based on peaceful coexistence, placing social justice at the core of communitarian policy, always safeguarding the means for education, knowledge and health and, through incentives, work for all, aware of the new nature, thereof, as a result of delocalization, automation, robotics and new technologies of information and communication. (See the project "Universal Declaration on Democracy," which already has the support of highly recognized persons - 
  • At Spanish level: 
  1. Electoral Law Reform should not be postponed for not keeping the current situation which is causing a precariousness feeling of the Spaniards will. 
  2. Constitution Reform (especially Chapter 8) establishing a Federal System and allowing a considerable autonomy. The Constitution must not only be calmly updated but to appear as a solution and not as a problem, as the Magna Carta of a State where all Spaniards are welcomed with a great capacity for self-governance and common well-established and generally accepted principles. 
  3. Independence of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial powers, establishing the necessary correcting mechanisms that allow ensuring the role of minorities and civil society with clear democratic behavior, particularly in case of absolute parliamentary majority. 
  4. Promotion and defence of education, health and R+D+i as supra-political parties’ issues on which cuts are occurring with inacceptable consequences, contrary to the life quality of equal human dignity. 
  5. Adequate relocalization of the foreign production
  6. Put into practice a great project of tourism and residence after retirement to and in Spain, taking advantage of longevity and the incomparable human, cultural, climatological, natural, gastronomic features.... of the Peninsula and its two archipelagos. 
  7. Promotion of renewable energies. 
  8. Fast and strict measures that penalize the lack of fiscal solidarity and evasion
  9. Initiatives for free lance work and SME’s. 
  10. Commitment to put into practice the Law on Historical Memory, and to set up the “Truth Commission”
  11. Greater mobilization of Spanish "bridge-capacity" for its extraordinary background with Africa, the Arab countries and, of course, Latin America.