Tuesday, April 25, 2017

·         Security
·         European Union
·         Solidarity
·         Digital revolution
·         Media imposition

Some reflections on recent news


A few days ago, I suggested the urgent need for a radical change in the concept of "security” in view of the present inability to prevent and deal with the natural disasters, devastating earthquakes and fires,  making available all the technical resources that today would be feasible to prepare.

Currently it is "military security", of defence for territorial integrity. I never tire of repeating that more than 4 billion dollars are invested in weapons and military expenditures every day. But people within borders, starve from hunger, being compelled to emigrate. Or do not have appropriate health services; or heroically participate with shovels and foliage to extinguish fires that should have the effective actions by suitable mechanical and personal resources ... Many bombers, and anti-missile shields ... but total lack of suitable machines and devices, with all the people ready for their handling...
A new security concept, with the immediate reduction of military arsenals and appropriate supply, instead, for not having to separate with hands, with car "jacks” or gadgets designed for other functions, the slabs that would allow rescuing more lives in the case of great earthquakes.

·         European Union

It is urgent to change from a monetary union to a political, social and economic union. Otherwise, European drift will be unstoppable. What was to be an example and reference for democratic governance and watchtower, it will become a dependent euro zone, a part of the great market consortiums promoted by the great neoliberal corporations.

As OECD foresee (Foreign Policy Weekly
Report, 7/11/16), the joint GDP of China and India will exceed all their current member countries in 2060. If trends continue, by mid-century the euro zone will only represent 9% of the global economy and the United States the 17%, compared to the 23% of today…

Instead of reacting with a great post-Brexit political movement to mobilize all the resources -which there are still many- and the creative talent still remaining, the "troika" of Germany, France and Italy keep formulating the guidelines that should implement -on debt, deficit, NATO ... - the “second division” countries, as defined by "El País" in its publication of August 25.

Yes to the European Union, with great enthusiasm and availability. No to this European Union, with responsibility and determination. Not to NATO but yes to a European security organization. Not to obey the neoliberal guidelines without question… Obama himself has had the skill to avoid them daringly in the United States. Yes to EUROPE, not to a Europe, as Forges brilliantly draws  in one of his cartoons. Yes to a Europe that collectively makes efforts to implement the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights (2000) and fosters without delay a democratic multilateralism, contributing to the United Nations re-foundation provided with the necessary personal, technical, safety and financial resources, whose supervisory and coordinating action at global scale is essential in the anthropocene.

Yes to a European Union leading the disappearance of the plutocratic groups (G, G7, G8, G20) and the setting up of rules of international scope that allow the elimination of the traffics that take place today in the most complete impunity, starting by tax havens and capital flight.

·         Solidarity

Now, due to media and communication new technologies, we know what happens and as world citizens, we cannot be indifferent accomplices and amazed spectators of what is occurring. We cannot go through another day without raising a popular outcry for a change in the shameful way forced migration and refugee asylum are faced. Not living another day to know without shivering that in the first half of 2016 are more than 2,700 human beings who have drowned in the Mediterranean ... 2,700 human beings ... and we only counting and recounting the victims of other sinister actions of the cruellest terrorism! Everyone’s life is 100%! And all human beings are worth equal. And all the dead...

By the time the development aids were most needed for a decent life in their countries of origin, the current economic system has reduced, even eliminated, grants and supports to UNDP, to bilateral cooperation programs...

Disarmament for development! Effective solidarity in which would be enough -as the International Peace Bureau (IPB) has highlighted in a timely campaign- a reduction of 10% in military spending per year and country in order that main priorities could be carried out, as clearly defined by the United Nations. Do not deceive yourself: otherwise, there won’t be money –progressively concentrated in fewer hands- for food, clean water, health services, environmental care, education…

Solidarity, extended hand rather than raised hand, is the best way to avoid fanaticism, dogmatism, blindness... along with ignorance.

·         Digital Revolution

It took place a radical change in the vital features. Until recently, intellectual and territorially confined human beings, the vast majority were born, lived and died in a few square kilometres. Now, successively, can express themselves, know what is happening around the world and can spread their views.

Digital technology has also allowed promoting mechanization in such extent, that soon self-sufficiency and regulation of robotic would replace human beings, sometimes unnecessarily, sometimes intentionally, to limits that should never be imposed.

"The services sector carries out the region and gathers 87% of employment", has just announced the press on 28 August. There is no doubt that the wise use of this fabulous progress will favor the full exercise of the distinctive faculties of humanity, if in the new coming era, in fast progress, labour contexts are discussed, how and where,... and are finally "We, the peoples..." those who take in their hands the reins of common destiny.

 Media imposition
A new era, a new life.
And to have a "new life" is essential to overcome the current media that turn much of the citizens in "fans" mouldable subjects of a particular show, especially football. Freedom of expression must come along with accurate information.  It is a requirement of the modern times. But most of the current media are "his master's voice". One of the major obstacles for the great turning point from force to the word, which is coming, is precisely this extraordinary influence of information on knowledge ...  and on wisdom. Let the "digital capabilities" be useful to hasten the transition from a culture of imposition and domination, male absolute power that has prevailed throughout the centuries, to a culture of encounter, dialogue and reconciliation.

This transition will
only be possible if from invisible, silent, frightened and obedient humans we become visible and insubordinate humans who express themselves firmly and act with rigor and vigour.

Yes: we are in a new era in
which women finally begin to act according to their inherent faculties. I like to repeat what President Mandela told me in Pretoria in 1996: "Women will be the cornerstone of the new era, because they only rarely uses force ... when men just exceptionally do not use it."

We have, for the first time in
history, the strands that would allow us the "new beginning” proclaimed by the Earth Charter... All human beings equal in dignity.