Do not see their movies!

Friday, August 29, 2014

"Hollywood , struggling against Hamas.
Two hundred famous support Israel"
("El País, 08/28/14)

I have a great affection for jewish, gypsies, palestinians, whites, blacks ... all human beings...

I am against all forms of violence and fanaticism. But supporting some leaders who have killed thousands of Palestinians, who have bombed schools and hospitals..., is intolerable.

Against everybody from both sides, the sectarian, dogmatic ... who use the most abject forms of domination, a citizen union at global level must provide a support "of the peoples" of such magnitude, an outcry of such echo, that their defeat is ensured.

And to those who surrender to the immense Israeli lobby by shameful interests, all the disdain and marginalization they deserve.

I will not go to see movies of these irresponsible, dependent and obedient actresses and actors.

I will ask my friends not to see them either.

I will try to contribute to popular rejection.

Duty of accuracy: it is not the "Europe of austerity" ... but of the middle class, of the most humble, the Europe of the "chaos"

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The ideology of the left does not fit into the Europe of austerity, remarks "El País" on the front page (July 6, 2014). The austerity ruled by Mrs. Merk-el and the Merk-ados (markets) -who have had the audacity to appoint the governments of Greece, the cradle of democracy, and Italy without any polls- has not affected the wealthy. The number of millionaires in Europe and Spain has continued increasing since the crisis began.

“Decreased health," said an editorial in the same newspaper on July 5. And diminished education. And reduced wages....

Particularly relevant in this context is the article of Francisco G. Basterra entitled "Chaos" also published on July 5. Here are a few paragraphs: "We live in an international chaos, in the sense of confusion and disorder, from Europe to Asia to the broader Middle East" ... It grows the feeling that we have lost control of the story and in the words of analyst Ian Bremmer, we are witnessing the creative destruction of the old geopolitical order ... Beijing responds with its firm hegemony in the Asia-Pacific theater and enhances regional nationalisms, wakes Japanese militarism and creates uncertainty for the allies of Washington's defense of its commitment to
the Chinese giant”...

There is no doubt that it is necessary a great leadership to re-found the United Nations and that Europe should quickly establish a political and economic union to lead the economical one, and put the "markets" and "Merkel" in their place.

A world that effectively achieves the supreme commitment of each generation:  to think about the coming generations and that can look after the priorities: food, water, health, environment, education and peace. Due to this, it is indispensable the transition from an economy of speculation, productive delocalization and war to an economy based in knowledge, of global and human sustainable development.

It is clear that there won’t be the commercial patterns that can guide these radical changes, but the democratic principles so lucidly established in the preamble of the Constitution of UNESCO. It is obvious that there won’t be the plutocratic groups G6, G7, G8 or G20, but multilateralism that should come to the fore quickly to redirect properly the present trends.

Today we have no excuse. All we can, every day more so, to express ourselves. Strong outcries are urgent so be the citizen power and not the “great domain” of military, financial, energy and media which take the reins of the common destiny.
We must put the record straight. We must quickly remedy the current chaos. The future has yet to be written, yes. But, who if not all?

A new beginning worldwide

Monday, August 25, 2014

Three years ago, on August 13th 2011, I published an article in my blog entitled “Without delay a New Beginning Worldwide”.

The situation has worsened. Our intergenerational responsibilities have not been met. Civil victims, children killed in Gaza and Iraq, with a growing fanaticism out of control, with an economic system in "developed countries" that has increased inequalities, while resources for international cooperation were reduced, increasing the number of desperate migrants. And funding for scientific and medical research -defenceless now against diseases that were "far poorer countries"- irresponsibly reduced; UN marginalized and substituted by ridiculous and useless oligarchic groups; invariable nuclear threat "sword of Damocles" over the future of humanity as a whole; and all armed to the teeth, investing enormous resources in the most sophisticated systems of destruction, while starving thousands of people every day, mostly children aged 1-5 years old...

And “the great” institutional and personal, looking the other side.  “The     “great domain” (military, financial, energetic, media, digital) forget the ethical values exclusively looking after the stock markets.

A “new paradigm” is urgent.  It is urgent to achieve in the near future, with the participation of citizens as the new fortunately unavoidable power, sufficient mobilization to initiate a radical change, the historical turning from force to word, from a secular culture of imposition, violence and war to a culture of encounter, conversation, conciliation, peace and alliance.

Statement ¡STOP THE WAR!"

Monday, August 18, 2014

Gaza! World outrage! Israel cannot follow acting with complete impunity with the silence of Europe as accomplice. 

“Stop immediately the horrendous actions of the fanatic jihadist in Iraq and other countries”. 

“Stop the immense and bloody business of armament”. 

“Stop war, terror, inhuman conditions of life” It’s time of “We, the Peoples…”! 

Let’s join our voices and efforts to stop worldwide outrageos and morally intolerable confrontations, that render children and civilians victims of extreme and blind violence; to confront terror effectively; to immediately end the nuclear threat; to end a system that results in widening social inequalities, with unjust appropriation of common goods of Humanity and Earth, with such conditions of poverty that thousands of human beings die every day of hunger and deprivation; a world in which the environmental care is selfishly forgiven and irreversible damage can be caused to the quality of life in all the planet. 

Let us join in a global outrage asking to urgently redress the present governance at planetary scale, resulting in the rebirth of a United Nations System with the objectives so well enshrined in the Charter: “We, the peoples… have resolved to save the succeeding generations from the horror of the war”. We need to build and instill the culture of peace both individually and globally. In the meantime, as one immediate measure, a relevant group of women and men would have the popular support and that of some leaders in order to accurately put into practice actions of mediation for an all-sides-respected cease-fire and initiation of well directed and conclusive peace processes.  

They will start as well urgent endeavours to better share resources and start reducing the present social disparities; to adopt the most urgent initiatives concerning ecological conditions; to ensure the progressive building of a new governance guided by democratic and participatory principles, in order to make possible the transition from an economy based on speculation, production delocalization and war to a knowledge based economy for a human development, leading to a dignified life for all and taking fully into account the living conditions on Earth; moving from a secular culture of imposition, domination and violence to a culture of encounter, dialogue, conciliation, alliance, mutual respect and peace. 

From force to word: this is the real challenge of the twenty first century. 

“We, the peoples…” have been invisible throughout history, fearful, silent, isolated and marginalized. Now we can express ourselves freely. We can participate. We know the Earth as a whole. Every human being is able to think, to imagine, to create! The moment to invent the future and implement a new paradigm has arrived. A new era with world consciousness and world citizenship, with gender equality and vision of the future is before us. And “We, the peoples...” are resolved to take in our hands the reins of the common destiny. 

“We, the peoples…. We are all Gaza. We are all victims aggressed and we are all part of the population victims –in Iraq, Syria, Central Africa…. 

Join your voice and efforts... and the power of the very few will be, in a historical shift, the power of the very many! 

Federico Mayor President of the Foundation for a Culture of Peace And Former Director General of UNESCO 

Riboberta Menchú Nobel Peace Prize Ambasador Anwarul Chowdhury Former under Secretary General and High Representative of U.N. 

Ivo Slaus Honorory President of the World Academy of Art and Science. 

Heitor Gurgulino President of the World Academy of Art and Science  

Gary Jacobs Chief Executive Officer of the World Academy of Arts and Science. 

Ernesto Samper Former president of Colombia 

Juan José Tamayo Director of the Chair of Theology and Science of the Religions. University Carlos III of Madrid. 

Ingeborg Breines Copresident of the International Peace Bureau. 

Roberto Savio Journalist and Founder of International Press Service. 

François de Bernard President of GERM 

Rustem Khairov

Clare Short. Member of the Advisory Committee of International Lawyers for Africa. Chair of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

Henning Zierok. President of Gesellschaft Kultur des Friedens, Tübingen

José Antonio Martín Pallín. Fiscal. Judge Emeritus of Supreme Court of Spain

Miguel Ángel Moratinos. Former Minister of Foreing Affairs and International Cooperation of Spain

Ismail Seralgelding. Director of the Alexandria Library. Egypt

José Ramón Cervera Grau. International Committee of Defense of Humanity

Baltasar Garzón. Former Judge. President of Fundación Internacional Baltasar Garzón

 Eduardo Galeano. Writer

Sofía Gandarias. Painter

Enrique Barón. Former President of European Parliament

Ricardo Díez Hotchleitner. President of Honor of the Club of Rome

Luis García Montero. Writer, poet.