Duty of memory

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

It is a duty to remember and narrate what has been lived. When I hear the Republican candidate Trump, I recall that it was his party that prevented the United States in 1919 to be part of the League of Nations that President Wilson had created...

And I remember that was the Republican President Reagan who, with Mrs. Thatcher, as unswerving acolyte, marginalized the United Nations in the eighties, and substituted them by inefficient and inconceivable plutocratic groups (G7, G8 ... G20).

And that were the "neoliberal globalizers" who substituted democratic values -which "should guide humanity," according to the UNESCO’s Constitution, by market values.

And that was President George Bush (father) who in 1989 did not sign the Convention on the Rights of the Child ... and today the United States, despite President Obama’s efforts, remain as the only country in the world that has not recognized the rights of the children.

And that was the Republican United States who, in 1993, created the World Trade Organization (WTO) outside the scope of United Nations.

And they were who, with the unbelievable concurrence of UK (Tony Blair) and Spain (JM Aznar), decided the invasion of Iraq in 2003 based on simulation and geo-economic interests....

And they were the only ones who opposed in 2003 to the recognition of the "human right to food", proposed by FAO...

And the unreliable current Republican candidate for president of the United States has expressed clearly that he will not implement the agreements on environment of the Paris Summit... because "the care of the Earth corresponds to divinity”...

Duty of memory.

It is a duty to tell what has been lived in order that it does not occur again.

Duty to remember those who support the magnate Trump, in a popular outcry, that whites are not superior to Latinos or blacks.

Duty of citizens to react immediately and firmly, placing the racists and fanatics outside the law.

Duty of teaching, scientific, artistic, intellectual ... communities for leading the popular mobilization in favour of a dignified life for all.

Duty to inform at all educational levels what really happened, emphasizing on the urgent need to tackle once and for all the moral and ecological drift that produces so somber horizons for the common future.

Memory of future generations in order to accelerate the transition from a culture of force to a culture of word, of reconciliation, of peace.