European Union, another nonsense!: The "new priority" on the 60th anniversary, is to increase security and defense costs!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The current leaders of the European Union prepare a solemn declaration for the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, "in which they literally go on the attack," published "El País" on the front page in its March 9 issue. The justification places it in "the Brexit -the UK leaves from where they never really entered! and the arrival of Trump to the White House". “Europe declares itself “proud to protect its values ​​and its people"... Therefore, the only thing that comes to their mind, instead of replacing the ethical compass that guided the founders of Europe... instead of strengthening a strictly monetary union with a social, political, cultural and economic union... instead of seeking the urgent reestablishment of an efficient multilateral System, a United Nations provided with the human, technical and financial resources that will enable it to urgently recover from the harm caused by plutocratic groups (G7, G8, G20) in which the Reagan-Thatcher tandem substituted the United Nations in the 1980s... instead of communicating to the world at the 60th anniversary that would demand to all Member States to accomplish with the excellent Charter of Fundamental Rights (2000) ... and that it would not allow the slightest outbreak of racism, fanaticism, prevalence, xenophobia, bitter causes of past conflicts ... instead of pursuing a new concept of security, that would include a magnanimous aid to development (Sustainable Development Objectives) and the Agreements reached in Paris in December 2015 on climate change, with the necessary urgency  because it  has to deal with potentially irreversible processes that could affect the intergenerational legacy... instead of placing Europe at the forefront of solidarity and anticipation... it only occurs to them -"if you want peace prepare the war"- purchasing more weapons and building more walls.

It is urgent to mobilize people before it is too late. Now, the time has come for "We, the peoples" so lucidly established in the first paragraph of the United Nations Charter. The peoples, the people carrying in their hands the reins of   common destiny.

And, the intellectual, scientific and artistic communities abandoning their ivory towers and standing decisively in the forefront of the great mobilization in the cyberspace for the big outcries to face the global challenges with decisions that cannot be postponed.

All together. The time for the European Union has come to be a catalyst for a world union. From Europe the patterns of collective behavior which are required for the first time in history must be disseminated.

Let us raise the voice, for the transition from force to word. Crime of silence.