Seeds of hatred, terrorism crops

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Violence, wherever it comes, must be condemned in the strongest terms by bringing the full weight of justice on the culpable. They must coordinate all intelligence services to act quickly and effectively.

And, calmly, without pause, analyze the causes to prevent further outrages.  To realise that law should get involved with diligence on the fanatics, racists and xenophobes because their behaviour is essentially against democracy.  To those who upraise -like the Republicans of the United States, Le Pen supporters in France or the German Nazis…- positions totally adverse to the exercise of human rights and ethical values, endangering safety and pressuring on violent, it is urgent to face them without delay.

Because it is clear that who sows humiliation and contempt is responsible for the harvest of animosity and hatred.

Now we see what is has led the substitution of democratic multilateralism by plutocracy, ethical values by markets, cooperation by exploitation.

Therefore, it requires a radical change of attitude in order that equal dignity of all human beings becomes a reality at a global level.

Westerners who promoted the invasion of Iraq, based on the presumption and lie, causing thousands of dead, injured and displaced five million persons; who failed to contribute to the success of the "Arab Spring", ignoring the voices of many people; who have drastically reduced development aid rather than increasing it; and have failed to receive, as appropriate and deserve, refugees and migrants; who forget the Universal Justice and basic rights when negotiate with countries characterized by the continued violation of the most basic human rights ... must now give a very big change of course with the support of an immense amount of citizens who wish to contribute to build up less somber horizons.

“We, the peoples...” must now put our everyday behavior at the forefront; rectify once and for all the daily genocide of thousands of persons dying of hunger and abandonment while 3 billion dollars are invested in weapons and military expenditures.

Changes are feasible, as those accomplished by President Obama in the case of Iran, giving a hand to Islam rather than raising it... and welcoming several million immigrants....

I insist that the only solution is a global call to harmony, ensuring that henceforth totally different attitudes are adopted.

Never justify terrorist barbarity, but should also be avoided detestable, unsupportive and exclusionary behaviour. It is necessary to rethink calmly, from the same causes, in order to take appropriate preventive and curative measures because palliative treatments result in reoccurrence.

Some time ago, I proposed the urgent call of a Special Session of the United Nations, because being all are aware of what is at stake, measures on a global level that allow the "new beginning" that the “Earth Charter” fosters are adopted. I remember again that "unprecedented solutions for unprecedented situations," are necessary, as Amin Maalouf stated.

Otherwise, we will go back to our old ways, to action and reaction, to reprisal and counter-reprisal...
Let’s go, with courage and lucidity, to change “course and ship “as José Luis Sampedro proclaimed. The voice of the people, of millions of persons, must rise now for these changes. A great mobilization on social networks is necessary. Let us not be more passive spectators. Indifference is equivalent to complicity.

Crime of silence.

The incredible drama of refugees and migrants: the unsupportive, illegal, immoral EU

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The meeting of the 27 EU countries in Turkey to tackle at once the immense and bloody tragedy of migrants and refugees has concluded in the most unacceptable and regrettable possible way -with a provisional agreement, fortunately-. Due both to the triggered society’s reactions and those of the European Parliament, it is expected not to be ratified the next day 17th. Hopefully, ashamed, unequivocally will decide to comply with the guidelines included in the international Treaties and, of course, in the ethical guidelines. So long speaking of the "State of Law" and at the first opportunity, do not only take immoral but illegal decisions.

I have called the attention several times to the recurrent non-fulfillment of the principles so clearly enunciated in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (2000). The first article refers to the equal dignity. The second one to the right to life...

Without leadership, surrounded by the most thoroughly whirlwind of neoliberalism, the European Union is not only unable to take appropriate measures timely but, in addition, allows the emergence of disturbing outbreaks of xenophobia and class discrimination.

With great argue and gestures, the European Monetary Union -so generous with financial institutions without direction-  has promised to pay in three years an amount that makes blush and outrages when it is compared with the funds to pay the "debt", with tax evasion, with the “financial support” given to a single bank in Spain, with investments in weapons and military expenditures (3 billion dollars a day), with the multimillion fortunes of some tycoons "whose hands are closed opaque," in the words of Jose Angel Valente ...

Let’s say the truth. Let’s say what the situation of tax havens is, what the reality is in order to change it. And seek with rigor and actively the origin of this terrible situation we must face. Who invaded Iraq based on lies? Thousands and thousands of dead and mutilated, thousands of displaced people ... who have been arising resentment and even hatred in some cases -less which would be expected-. Who decided haphazardly the results of the "Arab Spring"? The European Union is only a monetary union when it should be, first, a political, social and economic union provided with autonomous security ... And who and why they decide practically to reduce the development aid in order to prevent migratory flows forced by hunger and extreme poverty?

Until now, European citizens have been passive spectators of such incompetence. But I am sure that now "We, the peoples" ... shall be unable to look at the eyes of these sad, anguished and perplexed children who cause emotions and awaken consciences, so that in a short time, a great popular outcry will rise in order that a radical change happens in the current behavior of the European Union. And that urgently will be convened an Extraordinary Session of the United Nations General Assembly to be a democratic multilateralism that take the reins of common destiny and not the acknowledged inability of plutocratic groups. Global problems require global institutions. As Amin Maalouf stated “Unprecedented situations require unprecedented solutions”.

In 2016, the International Year of "Disarmament for Development" has been declared by the International Peace Bureau in Geneva, the Nobel Peace Prize in 1910. What is spent in a few days in weapons and military expenditures, could solve many problems that urges the world today without affecting the international safety.

In this way it would be possible the transition from an economy of speculation, productive delocalization and war to an economy of sustainable and human development knowledge-based on a global scale. The transition from a culture of imposition, domination and violence to a culture of encounter, reconciliation, alliance and peace.

Let’s take into account, I will tirelessly insist on it, that currently points of no return can be reached and, therefore, it is urgent to act resolutely so human rights, ethical and democratic principles should lead the action at these moments, which are at once, of deep concern and hope. Because, for the first time in history, at the dawn of the century and millennium, the voice of all human beings cannot only be heard progressively but to be listened.

Omnipresent and omnipotent "markets"

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

They are winning. “Investors’” steady harassment is getting the concentration of economic power progressively in a reduced number of hands, as evidenced by reports of OXFAM and Intermón ... so silenced, by the way, by many media that, being "their master's voice," do not denounce, praise the practices of the European Union and seek the eradication of "populism ", especially in Latin America.

The United States of Obama is the exception because he did not follow the guidelines of the Republican Party and radically changed the attitude of risen and belligerent hands (invasion of Iraq ...) by the outstretched and conciliatory hands (medicare, regularization of millions of migrants, Iran, Cuba ...).

Without suppressing the criticism that governance deserves of some "populist" countries, it is fair to recognise what has shown in many cases, not only in terms of literacy and poverty reduction but having been able to free themselves from the "vulture funds" and IMF and World Bank (originally "reconstruction and development") institutions today transformed under the order of great economic and media power.

I have published several blogs on this subject (*) since 2011. The urgency has only increased.

Argentina is already "re-conquered". And the pressure on Brazil worsens, using all disqualifications ... as if monetary and unsupportive Europe today could be such an alternative example. An economy of speculation, production delocalization and weapons, will be substituted -because now, finally, human beings can already express and agree or disagree- by an economy based on knowledge for a sustainable and human global development economy. The future must be invented ... and it is not advisable to continue adopting positions of rejection and inconsiderateness, praising instead a system which, we know well today in Spain, the facts belie.

The education level in Bolivia has not only increased very considerably and has reached an obvious reduction of extreme poverty, but has achieved widespread recognition at the level of the United Nations, of indigenous native cultures. Therefore,  the  improprieties of  the  great  Vargas   Llosa -always  splendid in how but deplorable in what he writes, particularly, when he becomes a political commentator- dedicated to "populism" in "El País" (March 6, 2016) do not correspond at all with the devastating picture that neoliberalism presents today and dominates us.

What is needed is the real and authentic "populism". "We, the peoples ...", as lucidly President Franklin D. Roosevelt expressed in the beginning of the United Nations Charter, may already be a reality. Until recently, people had no voice: they were confined, fearful, silent and anonymous. In a few years, everything has changed due to digital technology that has allowed knowing what happens in the world as a whole and, in particular, the emancipation of women, progressively involved in decision-making with their inherent powers; the social context, the nature of work ... everything is different and therefore it is imperative to change. If there is no evolution, there will be revolution. We cannot continue with democratic multilateralism substituted by ridiculous and ineffective plutocratic groups (G.7, G.8...G.20) and ethical values substituted by stock markets.

Real democracy, that in its economic issues subordinates everything to social justice and recognition of the equal dignity for all human beings, is the solution.

We must soon recognize it and act accordingly because tomorrow can be too late.


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