“This is not a damn game"

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mr. Boehner, Republican leader of the United States, determined at any cost to avoid the "Medicare", which would benefit millions of Americans living in precarious conditions, has said that "this is not a damn game."

It's a damn injustice that his party is protecting for more than 70 years (¡!) in favor of the huge profits of insurance companies. And those who cannot afford health insurance, to suffer and die. "You have deserved it," was the brief and dreadful reaction of one of the representatives of this party that should now not only receive the rejection of an American majority but widespread rejection of humanity that, for so many years, is witness -and often victim- of a ruthless, autocratic and exclusive ideology based on the hegemonic power of the United States. 

“Some examples will suffice to prove it": in 1919, after World War I, President Woodrow Wilson, horrified by the number of victims and the conditions of that terrible conflict, proposes a "Permanent Peace Treaty", and sets up the League of Nations and the International Court of Justice ... Soon warned the President, especially the weapons manufacturers, that their role was not to promote world peace but to ensure the security of the United States ... and the succeeding Republican Party did not authorize the United States to be part of the League of Nations that President Wilson had created! 

In 1945, President Harry Truman –it was time for international solidarity, the Marshall Plan, of cooperation, of sharing, of "We, the peoples ..." in the Charter of the United Nations, of the promotion of a peaceful coexistence- tried to adopt "Medicare" in such a way that international solidarity corresponded the intranational. It failed. 

And then Kennedy failed. And then did Clinton. It was necessary for Obama to come, in order that cleverly, shrewdly, the Federal Administration achieve the social goal of health for all, operating already in many countries without a conservative and classist burden of this nature. 

But do not forget -the humanity should not forget- that the Republicans are the ones that have opposed the recognition of the Convention on the Rights of the Child; that they have prevented the adoption of the right to food; those who have positioned the International Trade Organization outside the United Nations System, those who have not signed the International Criminal Court; those who have weakened the Nation-State and have replaced the United Nations by the plutocratic groups; those who, with greed and irresponsibility, replaced the values by the laws of the market; that have stopped progress in regulating the drugs; those who have used force, especially in Latin America (Condor Operation) and who invaded Iraq based on lies; those who are in second-term concerning the urgent environmental measures; those who have led the United States to invest eight times more on security than any other power (about 800 billion dollars a year, followed by China with 100 billion ); those who have supported the productive relocation; that have discretionary distributed the nuclear power ... and those who remain committed , with acolytes as persevering as discredited, to maintain the neoliberal system that puts the markets where it should be the people and the oligarchic groups (G7, G8 , G20) where must be the re-founded United Nations. 

"The damn game" of the Republican leader Boehner must be finished. Not only by the radical opposition of many of the American people but by a global outcry. 

The Internet users are already a greater number than the Chinese population. The citizen power begins to be a "great power". 

Let’s apply it.