Now only the language of example will be Heard

Monday, September 29, 2014

We have been fooled too many times. We have been disappointed too many times. Now we will not let them to distract us. Neither will we hear more words ... that are not accompanied by action. We reject any statement of intent on the environment, on development aid, on global priorities, health, wish for concord... which is not accompanied by suitable realistic practices.

Now we will just listen to the language of example, of the conscious word, "valued” word...

Total Submission: markets rule, harsh omni powerful

Markets rule, CEB dictates, Mrs. Merkel imposes... and so we continue, without leaving the "death by austerity". As I have remarked the shamelessness of the markets and the level of submission have come to the point of consenting in Italy and Greece, the cradle of democracy, that governments are appointed directly by "markets" without polls, without elections.

The same submission has just taken place with China: if you want some money from the dragon, the most important communist-capitalist country on Earth, human rights should not be evoked neither mention the possible accusations according to universal justice. And so were human rights not mentioned in the recent trip of President of the Government ... and the universal justice has been removed in Spain, even if recently was one of the largest distinctive sign of prestige at world scale.

Do not mention human rights! They are not mentioned. Let there not be Universal Justice in Spain! No Universal Justice in Spain ...

For a handful of billions of Euros, less than 8% of what each of the world wealthiest magnates have  ... total submission.

Submission has a high price.  Apart from disrepute and immediate popular rejection, it has the highest price in national dignity at medium and long term.  Always, at the end, the cost of indignity is very high.

Total submission.  Whoever forewarned is forearmed.

Ebola: a collective shame

Friday, September 19, 2014

I am distressed. Once again we receive news that is a grievance to the principles inherent of the human species ... and we brazenly continue being distracted by the immense media power, stunned, without reacting as we should. Before, we could not. Now, we can. For a moment, we can stop writing absolutely irrelevant things in our Twitters, Whatsapps, etc. and firmly express our protest and cry.

I never tire of saying that 3 billion dollars are daily invested in armaments and military expenditures.  Recently, 28 countries belonging to NATO have announced that will increase their defence spending.   So did China and Japan.  However, the WHO (World Health Organization) points out that the Organization does not have the minimum resources to protect people who care for Ebola patients or to preventing the pandemic dissemination because, as in all institutions of the United Nations System, there are “serious cuts”.  There is no money for fighting against Ebola, no money for fighting against hunger and extreme poverty (the last FAO Report is devastating), no money for ensuring decent housing for those who still are, after many years, in temporary refugee facilities.

You see: we continue supporting the lack of a democratic multilateral System of the refounded United Nations, depending in consequence of the small groups G6, G7 or G8, and of right decisions or not adopted by some countries, that still acting with good will, cannot replace a recognized authority at a global scale.

It is a collective shame.  There are not some hundred million dollars to fight against Ebola… when it represents an eighth of the daily military wasteful spending.

Let’s shout!

A new era

Sunday, September 14, 2014

In recent months, both at national and international levels (including the United Nations), I have had occasion to notice the "surprise" shown by that some politicians, parliamentarians, representatives of countries... where they realized that the "usual" schemes were unstable, bound and tied by those who have always extolled, and held power in accordance with standard guidelines, unable to be aware of the historical incursion of people in scenarios in which they had no access so far.

"What is happening?” they inquire, looking astonished at each other. What is happening is very simple and was proclaimed some time ago: humans have stopped being invisible, anonymous, fearful, silent, spectators, obedient ... and are becoming actors that get involved, protest and propose. Now, for the first time, they can express themselves, and consequently, put into practice the lucid beginning of the Charter of the United Nations: "We, the peoples...”.

The new protagonists are disrupting traditional political organization charts and begin to "change course and ship" as advised José Luis Sampedro.

It will be not possible soon to maintain the shame of  some groups of the wealthy countries -another big fiasco of neoliberals- trying to assume global governance  (193 countries!); nor be allowed to array electoral programs that next day are improperly changed; or that "parliamentary machinery” based on preterit absolute majorities is applied; and the continued decreasing of development aid ... looking the other way avoiding to see the upheaval of extreme poverty and abandonment, with thousands of people dying every day of hunger while 3 billion dollars are invested in weapons and military expenditures –I do not get tired of repeating- nor tolerate meetings and more meetings, summits and summits on topics such as "sustainable development" when -even with the huge risk of reaching points of no return, affecting irreversibly the habitability of Earth- resources or inevitable urgent measures are not provided... It is embarrassing to think that -as the heartbreaking images of immigrants shown- development aids have decreased dramatically, another major "side effects" of the current economic system...

The transition from an economy of antidemocratic speculation and production delocalization and war, to an economy based on knowledge for a sustainable and humane global development will be achieved because several million of "We, the peoples...", in a large popular outcry, will achieve radical changes so far unfeasible.

Citizen participation and global citizenship. Even though some stubborn persons resist admitting it, a new era is coming.

Weapons, weapons, weapons. Again, security instead of peace

Friday, September 12, 2014

Again security is prevailing -the immense business of security- on peace.  Again the war vultures are winners.  There was no money to reduce the huge social gaps, helping endogenous development and avoid these desperate migrations…. and now, suddenly, there is a lot of money for war.

A war impact with Iran was already attempted, after the shameful and intentional invasion of Iraq, based on simulation and lies. But Obama’s posture avoided it.

Then when Israel bombed schools and hospitals, NATO, as does in these cases, looked away.

 During Syrian war it was warned that some insurgents were not "civil society" but jihadist fighters and Al-Qaeda fanatics.

By the way, it has been said and repeated that jihadists received subsidies from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Is this true? Tell us, is it true? Because if it were, the only responsible and acceptable reaction would be immediately stop trading with these countries, denounce them ... and Barça and other beneficiaries should remove the names of these countries from their shirts...

Is it true, might be true the "axis" Saudi Arabia-Qatar-Israel-US Republican Party? Tell us no, prove that it is not true! We sincerely hope that the answer is no.

But if, once again,  rockets and bombers’ manufacturing  are again put into operation while thousands of human beings are still starving and helpless every day, while many others are forced to leave their homes to avoid extreme poverty ... then "We, the peoples ..." would severely ask an explanation to those who govern. To those who have marginalized the United Nations; to those who have imposed the plutocratic groups G6, G8 ...; to those who changed the democratic principles by markets; to those who are rubbing their hands now announcing ("El País", September 6, 2014) that "The 28 allies (NATO) agree to spend more on defense due to new challenges."

After a failed coup d’état in Ukraine, the European Union is mobilized ... What the "quartet" has made? What the ineffable Mr. Blair has made during the tragic attacks on Palestine?

The force on reason, the bullets over the words have always prevailed in a world historically yielded to absolute male power.

But this took place when humans were silent, fearful, obedient, submissive. Now they are not anymore.

Willing or unwilling to recognize the "clinging" to inertia and their privileges, the time of their dominance, their shadowed and unexplained actions, of unlimited influence of the intelligence services... is coming to an end.

Of course we must urgently ensure that fanatics do not continue committing atrocities! but ensuring, at the sight of military material already available, that these actions are not an excuse for another intolerable growth of arms production.

Citizen power, in a short period of time, will imply that peace prevails and that the dragons of war will leave the scene that have heretofore occupied.

Citizen power will refound a democratic multilateralism, a United Nations for the new era.

Citizen power, the word. Citizen power to the historic transition "from force  to word”.