Tomorrow may be late

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Humanity is rapidly reaching points of no return in which the habitability of Earth will be irreversibly damaged.

The governors are busy redressing the way they can the fragile and vulnerable structures of power that have substituted the United Nations, a great democratic multilateral design, by
ineffective plutocratic groups (G7, G8, G20).

And the references and compasses that represented ethical values ​​have been substituted by stock exchanges and cooperation by exploitation. The lack of solidarity is absolute.

The people, who can now express themselves, who now know the challenges on a world level, are subjected to colossal maneuvers of harassment by the absolute and omnipresent media power, which reduce them to the condition of
impassive, blinded, annoyed spectators...

Who can, who should ring the tapping bells before they grasp, without solution? The scientific, academic, artistic, intellectual communities in short! There must be them who cannot remain occupied, distracted, absorbed as time passes and humanity approaches the abyss.

Those who should be at the forefront of the popular mobilizations and outcries carrying out the changes that are urgently needed, remain in their ivory towers, full of bureaucracy....

The time has come
to react, to go down to the streets and to cyberspace... because "tomorrow may be late”...