World outcry

Monday, June 29, 2015

1. Against the shameless market domain:

It is imperative an urgent summon of a “refounded” United Nations with a Socio-Economic Security Council, to stop first and prevent afterwards the social deterioration of a distinctive system of speculation, production relocation and war (3 billion dollars a day while thousands of people die of hunger and neglect, most of them children from one to five years old)...
It is very urgent to re-establish the WTO (World Trade Organization) within the framework of the United Nations, and firmly request the IMF and the World Bank (“for reconstruction and development”) to fulfill their original mission and stop being obedient tools of the more prosperous and wealthy of Earth.

“Fulfill your duties” say to Greece the tycoons and institutions, which represent them. Who incurred the debt? Responsible, yes, but with well-defined "tempos" so they do not contribute increasing inequalities that the current process of "abidance" exacerbate: increasing the number of millionaires ... but, much more, the number of needy community. And, according to OXFAM / INTERMON, 85 persons have more wealth than half of humanity!

We should fulfill all the duties so that all can exercise their rights.
Global outcry.

2. Against fanaticism, whatever its source, especially when, from the most threatening and intolerable positions, commit murder in the name of God! and encourages hatred and intolerance.

Public outcry to convene a special session of the United Nations General Assembly in which would be refound, with first emergency measures, providing it with a system that had the necessary means and authority in order to prevent, with strong immediate action, the all sorts of attacks in which the plutocratic groups (G7, G8, G20) created by neoliberalism, are totally ineffective.

This new    democratic  multilateralism  should  rapidly  have  the  capacity
-military as well through appropriate permanent alliances- to foresee and eradicate any activity affecting global security (terrorism of September 11, 2001; deadly invasion of Iraq in 2003; improper treatment of the "Arab Spring", particularly in the case of Libya and Egypt; war in Syria; terrible attacks of the "Islamic state" (which carries a totally misleading and unacceptable interpretation of the Koran ...) as well as to regulate bilateral and trade relations with those countries that continue to infringe the most basic respect to human rights and, even worse, that finance terrorist groups ...

. . .

Public outcry. Now we can, "We, the peoples" freely expose our disagreements and proposals both in-person and digitally. Let's do it. Otherwise, the tremendous warning of Albert Camus would be applied: "I despised them because being able to do so much, they ventured so little."