Debts that should be paid urgently:

Friday, June 26, 2015

Haiti: The earthquake took place more than five years ago. The aids promised, a serious evidence of the current lack of solidarity, have been only reached partially.

Nepal: how quickly the immense tragedy occurred in Nepal only two months ago has been forgotten!

As proof, an example is sufficient. In this case, the two examples indicated above. But it is obvious that it is absolutely essential to have an efficient democratic multilateralism, proceeding urgently to refound the United Nations in order that they could represent really “We, the peoples ...”. It is urgent  to convene an Extraordinary General Assembly to deal with the major issues that should be solved quickly, with the presence of all the countries throughout the world, and representatives of civil society (it is all studied: composition of the General Assembly; to add Socioeconomic  and Environmental Councils to the current Security Council...).

·        Urgently strengthen the international cooperation and development aid: the issue of immigrants is an absolute injustice. Again, Europe looks the other way! The Mediterranean Sea bloodstained ... and the only thing that comes to their mind is to put border fences to those persons who are leaving their countries of origin! Since the beginning of the activities of the United Nations System, it was clear that the key word was "com-partir" (to share) with others, to help the endogenous and integral development, so that all countries could benefit from the use of its natural resources. Gradually the aids became loans granted under draconian conditions, cooperation was substituted by exploitation ... and the United Nations by oligarchic groups (G-7, G-8...G-20) that constitute a real affront to the whole of humanity: they envisage that a few rich countries have in their hands the common destiny of 193!
It is urgently necessary to replace the "market values” by the "democratic principles".

A few days ago -June 19, 2015- the press announced ("El País”, June 19) that "wars force the displacement of 42,500 persons a day." Take note of these figures, especially those who invaded Iraq in 2003 and who, instead of helping the development, have currently allowed that thousands of persons starve daily while 3 billion dollars are invested in weapons and military expenditures. I never tire of repeating that only in this way it will be possible to face this terrible tragedy that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees denounces.
II.                           To demand an explanation on:

·        What really represents to assess a 'consumption growth, "which is positioned at 0.3%.
·        The same can be said on the “recover of population growth”, when it represents 0.1%!
·        To know what it means the news that the number of millionaires in Spain is increasing 40% (this is a percentage!).
·        To consider the relevance of the news that universities lose 55,000 students this year. It is a worrying reflection of the current situation. It is attributed in part to another equally worrying factor which is the progressive reduction of the population, due to the "exile" of more than 60,000 persons in 2014.

III. Look very closely what happens   -so that rapid amendments are
accomplished- in the future Court on Gürtel case, recalling the need to comply with the full independence of the Judicial Power  as established by Montesquieu.

To follow, as well with perseverance, the current energy policy in order to be revised immediately or as soon as the government changes. To take care of the environment is an essential intergenerational responsibility. Then, "Spain moves further away from the renewable target for 2020," entitles a full information published in press on 17 June. It is morally imperative that we take seriously what can happen, reaching points of no return, if there are not taken from now on all over the world -again it is necessary the refoundation of the United Nations- a series of measures leading to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, and very specifically, CO2.

IV. Worldwide outcry demanded to force the Republican Party of the United States to redress the core issues for peace and security in today's world: it cannot be possible that the Convention on the Rights of the Child 1989, or the right to food have not been signed... always due to the attitude of the Republican Party of the United States opposing to the United Nations System. Thus, in 1992 the World Trade Organization was established directly outside the scope of the United Nations. They have continued opposing President Obama to sign the Convention on the Rights of the Child and to belong to the International Criminal Court. However, only a few days ago, in the column "Opinion" of “El País" (June 16) was published that "South Africa makes fun of justice" for refusing to hand over the President of Sudan, Omar al-Bashir. The one that laughs at justice at international level is the Republican Party of the United States who refused to sign this great covenant. A few days ago, in excellent testimonies, Karel Armstrong said that "the West must learn to share the planet with equal and not with subordinates." Above all, the current West must regroup quickly to become, in the case of Europe, from a monetary union to a political and economic union, and defend the "democratic principles", as lucidly enshrined in the UNESCO Constitution, that should "guide humanity".
To figure that there are still those who continue to defend the "confederates" and apartheid symbols! To think that in 34 States, most of them Republicans, the death penalty and executions still abide!


You see: we cannot remain as passive spectators. We must use all means at our disposal -today we can all express freely- to start with urgency a redress process, to re-channel many current wrong directions.