Four key points

Thursday, June 18, 2015

1) “It is foolish to confuse value with price”, as warned the visionary Antonio Machado”. Stubborn are who, in the eighties of the last century, substituted values by price, social justice and democratic principles by market laws. 

Were stubborn and guilty President Reagan and the Republican Party of the United States that he represented so radically. And Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was stubborn as well. The ethical values were substituted by stock markets. They marginalized the UN –I do not get tired of repeating it- substituting them by plutocratic groups of 6, 7, 8 ... 20 countries. 

But those who were very stubborn as well progressively adopted globalizing neoliberal guidelines, which have led to a hazardous increase in inequality, social upheavals, a few more millionaires, to lots of poor, homeless, unemployed, humiliated... 

Stubborn have been those who instead of facing these trends with a quality education -to prepare "free and responsible" human beings, as established by the UNESCO’s Constitution- have followed the instructions of the PISA reports, logically, because as they come from the OECD, they seek to have instead of being. 

They have been stubborn and perverse promoters. But also stubborn, very stubborn, those who have followed these unfortunate guidelines because they have confused values with prices and are still clinging to money... 

But soon there will be many, that agree with Mr. Antonio Machado that will not tolerate the imposed rules of conduct that have led to a humanly unacceptable situation. And will raise their voices... 

2) To go you must have been before. Will the United Kingdom leave the European Union? 

 Will the ill-fated prospects of a “Brexit” referendum occur in order that the British summon up with a "wide popular desire" to leave the Mother Europe? How they can pretend to be separated if the British have never joined? England continues with the Pound currency and not the Euro, that is, to our misfortune, all that now joins the "European Union". The UEE instead of being a symbol of the implementation of the excellent Charter of Fundamental Rights of year 2000 and being as a reference and watchtower of a genuine democracy, has gradually weakened the pillars on which it was based and is now a simple monetary union without political or economic union, obedient to the instructions from the Republican Party of the United States. 

By the way, Mr. Cameron followed the example of the democrat President Barak Obama and rather than only austerity, cuts and risk premiums, issued 70 billion pounds as incentives for job creation and economic development, as Obama did with Bernake in the United States, with more than 300 billion dollars. 

The United Kingdom does not have, therefore, neither the currency of the European Union or their economic regulations. And if that were not enough, collects a substantial "British check”... 

They never were really there. It would be convenient now deciding to embed into a political union based on "democratic principles" so lucidly established in 1945 who drafted UNESCO’s Constitution. And to contribute to the refounding of a United Nations endowed with moral and physical authority urgently needed in the digital era. We would go together, returning to reestablish ethical values instead of the stock values.

Once and for all, we must put a stop to the debacle of all kinds that involves globalization, and only in Europe followed by governments lacking of compass and path. 

3) "If they do not let us dream, we will not let them sleep." 

I loved this "poster of 15-M". I still love it now. Recent history contains enough examples of what seemed impossible ... and is today reality. "We obtained it because we did not know that it was impossible" ... "Only those who are able to see the invisible -and not just what enlightens the communication flashlights- will be able to do the impossible" ... "Everything is done and everything is-possible ... but who if not all? " as Miquel Martí i Pol quoted in a poem that I never tire of repeating. Today we can promote great popular outcries. The time for silence is over. The time of "no choice" is over. Let us invent the future. Now it is a good moment because human tension encourages creativity. 

Let us dream and act ... and if they do not let that our dreams impossible yesterday become possible tomorrow ... we will not let them sleep! 

3) Football, from sport to business and large-scale corruption. 

I love football as a spectacle, as a hobby, as well affiliation. But all outrages are bad and often turn out in extremely detrimental situations. 

Political and religious disaffection has yielded to football fans of pernicious roles, reaching in some cases a real dementia, to uncontrolled deluge of lack of respect and dignity. 

There is a talk of "market summer, autumn, winter" ... I think some players' transfers and additions should be made otherwise. 

Sporting events are scheduled in the media so that the audience allows huge incomes and promote public prices comparatively inadmissible because they comprise a grievance to the same players that, in the hands of "sole administrators", do not welcome these modalities of action. 

They wear names of countries, companies or institutions on t-shirts that, with few exceptions, discredit to the players, who are turned into "sandwich-men". 

Then it turns out that some of these countries that have promoted corruption in FIFA -yes, and also the World Federation, sometimes encouraged by nationals... - and the joint is another deplorable "scene”. I like football. This is the reason I would want the courage to pull out from t-shirts the letters do not deserve because they stain sport and sportsmen. And proceed with the full weight of healthy hobbies and sports enthusiasts, to situate rascals in their place. Those who behave like this would deserve an extra applause from the “true” fans. And the stubborn fanatics? They would become progressively “good fans”...