Listen to Vox populi!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Finally, "We, the peoples ...” can express freely as the Charter of the United Nations starts. United Nations or those who regret now the result of the referendum in Greece, because they marginalized and substituted a democratic multilateralism by oligarchic groups and colosal mercantile consortia. It is great that democracy, unsubordinated, has prevailed over plutocracy!

The “peoples” have won because by now have voice in the digital era. Because now participation is guaranteed and formal democracies will become genuine.

It is time to be, to learn to be. That people rule themselves! And countries also leave their dependence of this immense faceless power. And so rebellious, we will be designing the new world that corresponds to the digital era and the anthropocene.

Inertia is the great enemy. The solution –like nature- is evolution. But, as I have repeated for many years, if there is no evolution there will be revolution. The difference is the "r" of responsibility.  When the "new beginning" foreseen and enshrined in the Earth Charter, can be a reality, the powerful must listen the voice of the people. The evolution, conciliatory and innovative, is better.
We all should listen to the people's voice.