The drifting of the West

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The distinctive essence of the West has been lost. Now, what counts are stock values, business, financial transactions ... Everything is measured by the indexes of macroeconomics and those that reflect the real welfare of citizens are forgotten. 

Social inequalities are increasing. The habitability of Earth is worsening. Those who are living in the prosperous neighborhood of the global village do not reach the 18% of humanity. 

The European Union is monetary (and not political and economic). 

Development aid has been dramatically reduced. Outbreaks of xenophobia are increasing alarmingly. Since the unfortunate time of President Reagan and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher -which continues today through the Bush-Merkel close connection- neoliberalism has been imposed in the West, and particularly now in Europe. 

The West of Obama is agitated by the immense power of the Republican Party, maximum representative of the hegemonic ambitions, military force and aversion to multilateralism. But, nevertheless, Obama resists and moves forward. Europe steps back. The number of millionaires increases ... but above all, the number of poor, who have to go to emergency meal centers (community kitchens)... 

Specialized in looking the other way, the current leaders yield to all ethical principles: universal justice is suspended before the negotiation (China); human rights (Saudi Arabia, Qatar ...) are forgotten; rearmament is encouraged rather than start reducing the excessive military spending to provide a decent life for so many human beings who today live in unacceptable conditions. 

For business, exploitation takes place instead of cooperation... 

Markets rule. 

It is necessary, first, the refounding of the United Nations System that neoliberalism substituted by plutocratic groups, and rebuild the "democratic principles" -which "should guide humanity", as established by the Constitution of UNESCO- where the market laws were imposed. 

The "peoples" will no longer remain as impassive spectators of what is happening. The time for silence is over. Now, humans are no longer invisible and can express freely progressively. I am convinced that in a short period of time, the scientific, academic, artistic, literary and intellectual communities will lead the great transition that is approaching. The current situation cannot continue. It is exactly the opposite of what should be expected from the West... and from the guidelines set up by those drafted the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in year 2000… 

The drift of the West would halt at the same moment in which the essential values, which were displaced in the early eighties of last century by the globalizing neoliberalism, would be re-positioned in its place.