Disarmament for sustainable human development,

Friday, June 19, 2015

for a new economy and a new democratic multilateral leadership.

Com-partir (to share), is the only solution to avoid the serious social inequalities and asymmetries of all kinds that has led the globalized neoliberalism.

I insist –because it is a crucial reference in my daily-behavior- that is morally unacceptable that every day die of hunger over 20,000 people while 3 billion dollars are invested in military expenditures and armament. It would be enough with a reasonable reduction of these enormous and disproportionate figures to quickly and substantially increase endogenous, sustainable and human development worldwide; to take care of the environmental intergenerational legacy, ensuring that the irreversible deterioration of the habitability of Earth does not take place; to promote international cooperation in order to put into practice the implementation of the major priorities of the United Nations (food, water, health, ecology, education, peace ...); and, above all, to make it possible the "new beginning" that advocates the Earth Charter.

All human beings equal in dignity. Every unique human being able to create, to design their future in a process of permanent learning, so that all are "free and responsible" as masterly UNESCO defines the "educated", always acting under their own reflections and never to the dictates of others. Zero tolerance should be applied to fanaticism and dogmatism.

Wings for flying high in the times that are coming may not be burdened or present any adherence.

Facing the "deep crisis of ultra-liberalism", the Crans Montana Forum which I just attended in Brussels, aims to "put back the human being at the center of all policy and strategy”.

It is time for action, because they can be reached points of no return. And we have multiple diagnoses. Now it is time for implementing, without delay, appropriate treatment. It is urgent the refounding of the United Nations System after the inefficient and unfortunate plutocratic groups (G7, G8, G20), which were established by neoliberalism in the eighties. How could it be claimed -and being accepted- that 6, 7, 8 ... 20 countries guide the destinies of 193? And above all, the "democratic principles"-that with such accuracy and vision establishes the Constitution of UNESCO- must be re-placed where the Republican Party of the United States, in its hegemonic ambitions placed the commercial laws with the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as obedient acolyte.

Now, in the digital era, it is already possible that "We the peoples ...", silent and obedient from immemorial time, raise the voice and actively participate. Now, with the woman progressively incorporated into the decision-making process, it is possible the impossible dream of emancipation of humanity until a few years ago.

Now we can foresee in the cyberspace great popular outcries for radical changes that are needed urgently. Fortunately, the “star wars” in outer space will not occur. It will be in the "digital" space where the “new peace”, the great transition from force to word, from a culture of imposition, domination and violence to a culture of encounter, dialogue, reconciliation and peace will take place.

How can Europe, the great “emigrant continent”, refuse immigrants now? How can hinder their access rather than strengthen development aid for a decent life in their origin countries? Why not quickly completing their constitutional structure with a political and economic union? How can it be accepted that the expected Europe-lighthouse has been stopped and confined to a monetary union? Why Europe follows the guidelines issued by the Republican Party, when President Obama himself, for the good of his country, put them aside?

Convincing voices (female, by the way) rose in Brussels to demand urgently appropriate solidarity, the substitution by ethical values of the stock-market ones.

In Brussels I warned –once again!- that if there is no evolution there will be revolution, and that the difference between these two words is the "r" of responsibility. Let us stop following the irresponsible and, urgently, facilitate the transition from an economy based on speculation, production delocalization and war to an economy of sustainable and human development. From a culture of war to a culture of peace, led by a democratic and efficient multilateralism. 

The best solution -though we have to overcome the immense inertia of those who cling to perverse adage "If you want peace, prepare for war"- is disarmament (including, of course, nuclear), applying a fair part of the colossal means dedicated to security to the development of all countries so equal dignity and quality of life become a reality in all of them.

Disarmament for development: that simple. In order to do it the United Nations refoundation is needed urgently. The solution exists. There is lack of courage and leadership in order to apply it.