A few minutes of reflection

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Too much information; too much entertainment, especially in sports; too much Twit and WhatsApp; too much smart-phone ... and so rumours are slipped to convince people of good will, but distracted too much.

A few minutes of reflection on three subjects:

       I.            Weapons, weapons, weapons. All the major problems of the Earth (conditions for a decent life -food, health, water ....-; environmental protection; education for all; peaceful resolution of conflicts ...) could be tackled with only 40% of the immeasurable economic resources that are currently applied to military expenditure and arms production (approx. 850 billion dollars a year). I never tire of repeating that over 20,000 people die every day of hunger, while the military expenditure amounts close to 3 billion.

From the very beginning, arms producers are endlessly promoting, I never get tired of repeating it, the perverse adage "If you want peace, prepare for war". And so, from immemorial time, the absolute power permanently prepares for war.

 The plutocratic groups (G6, G7, G8, G20 ...) with which the neoliberals have substituted the United Nations, incorporate the rich countries and represent, precisely, the large producers and weapons traffickers. What irresponsibility! Under the pretext of security (only less than 30% of the inhabitants of the Earth are protected), continue armed to the teeth. The "advertising campaigns" paid by big corporations disguise buying and selling weapons as "a necessary preventive and deterrent action". And the United Nations marginalized and excluded. And worst, the excluded and ignored humanity. Less than 100 people have superior wealth than half of humanity, according to OXFAM. "Security" is obsessive and very profitable. To the extent that the Republican Party and its maximum recent representative, George Bush, have envisaged to substitute the word "peace" to "human security” at UNESCO. And peace is the greatest threat to people who live from war.

Some recent examples that make you think about (quotations of “El País”):

- 04/11/2015: "France has strengthened its links with India with the sale of 36 fighter-bombers."
- 04/28/2015: "Spain wants to sell ships and military aircraft to India for the amount of 4.000 million."
-04/30/2015: "France increases its military spending to tackle terrorism. Hollande allocates 3,800 million more for defense, but remains committed to reducing the public deficit. "
-         05/01/2015: "Qatar is rearmed with 24 French Rafale fighter-bombers."

The United Nations were established, precisely, to avoid this nonsense. The refounding of a democratic, tireless and effective multilateralism is urgent.

     II.            And human rights? They are dissipating. “Business is business!”

In recent dates just in Spain, we have seen the following:

- That in order to provide trade relations with the great Chinese dragon, universal justice was abolished, which is a dramatic reduction in the world of justice.
- That in order to secure service contract the High Speed Train from Riyadh to Mecca, the respect for fundamental ethical principles and the special vulnerability of women is forgotten.
- Spain will cooperate with Egypt in the design of the "AVE of the Pyramids" regardless of the "democratic principles" that according to the Constitution of UNESCO, "must guide humanity".

No doubt that the "markets" are bad advisors.

  III.            The GDP goes up and down not by merit but by random internal external causes.

"El País" of May 2 releases: "The economy will grow by half if the euro revaluates and oil rises". So the growth announced, due to some extent to the inclusion of prostitution and the trafficking and consumption of drugs, was not due to the improvement of the actual situation in Spain but to excessive and negligent decrease of fuels and the devaluation of euro. It was not having increased the R & D i + or having established typical work patterns of the digital era ... but the governors talk about improving the Spanish macroeconomics always related to GDP, and look sideways at the latest news on the price of oil and the euro exchange in relation to US dollars.


No doubt that is essential to make us think a few minutes, not to be deceived, so that we can react, as today is already due, in person or digitally.