Tuesday, September 9, 2014

It cannot be! It cannot be that the "developed world" continue to protect its security by surrounding itself with sophisticated fighter-bombers and rockets ... without reflecting upon humans (80%!) living in abject conditions and  suffering “distant” disease....

But now it turns out -as warned the ignored guard towers of science and medicine- that "far", the "third world" can be close and disrupt the lives of the dealers.

Europe, counting and counting, is unable to see further of its short-sighted interests.  Now it will react with fear because it has failed to do so by prospective capacity and distributive justice.

Europe, do react!  Less NATO, missiles and more attention to health care, to research. Great fortunes of the world react, because you can still help rebuilding and redressing current trends and because it is always good to remember that "the shrouds do not have pockets"!

Let’s see if once we stop wasting resources of all for the supremacy of a few, and we can take care of so many human beings who die from diseases that could have been treated or prevented with proper research; persons dying of hunger and marginalization and that instead of cooperation for human development, are cruelly exploited and so many have to leave their homelands; humans suffering the terrible attacks of fanatics that only a world governance based on democratic multilateralism could effectively and timely counteract and prevent.

A radical change is urgent, a historic turning point for the first time will count –whether the traditional powers want it or not- with the essential citizen collaboration. To transit from a culture of imposition and violence to a culture of dialogue and reconciliation is now possible.

Let’s learn the lessons that Ebola teaches us today before it is too late. The best contrition is to take action from now on. As the saying: “We only remember Santa Barbara when it thunders". ("Time and tide wait for no man”). It thunders now and strongly. Stop arming -China, Japan ...-; stop ruling by the "Ibex"; stop looking at the world through fogged windows of money; ... Invest in human development so that no one is forced to leave their places of origin. Invest in education, which is the irreplaceable base of a decent life. Invest in research and health care.... 

Listen to the voice of the people. Democracy -I like to insist- is not counting occasional citizens at the polls but to ensure that citizens count, that are taken into account.

Do not forget that there are no "distant countries" but invisible and unnoticed human beings. They are already closer. Maybe too close. Bear it in mind permanently.