Immigration in Europe: instead of solutions, contradictions

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Since the founding of the United Nations, international cooperation –the keyword was to share- had the essential objective to get an integral and endogenous development on all countries (afterwards the meaning of “sustainable” came out).

So, just like this, making it possible that all human beings might have in their own countries the means to a decent life, would prevent flows of desperate migrants, because in their land, exploited rather than helped, were starving.

Spain claimed many migrants when needed them in prospering times, -without regularization! - and now, in the era of hard times, puts fences full of blades to prevent entry ... And all witness with a wounded heart, the arrival of people in illegal boats or basic ships to Spanish or Italian shores
expelled from their homelands due to extreme poverty.

And the Europe of traders rather than strengthening development aid, decreases drastically. And UNDP does the same. And the President of the Spanish Government "requires to Europe a convincing response to illegal immigration" when our country has cut development aid very sharply.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation is right when he declares that "the pressure on the southern borders of Europe will persist until wealth is created in the countries of origin”! The shameful is that the cooperation promoted in his Ministry is almost nonexistent.

Solutions and fewer contradictions!