Total Submission: markets rule, harsh omni powerful

Monday, September 29, 2014

Markets rule, CEB dictates, Mrs. Merkel imposes... and so we continue, without leaving the "death by austerity". As I have remarked the shamelessness of the markets and the level of submission have come to the point of consenting in Italy and Greece, the cradle of democracy, that governments are appointed directly by "markets" without polls, without elections.

The same submission has just taken place with China: if you want some money from the dragon, the most important communist-capitalist country on Earth, human rights should not be evoked neither mention the possible accusations according to universal justice. And so were human rights not mentioned in the recent trip of President of the Government ... and the universal justice has been removed in Spain, even if recently was one of the largest distinctive sign of prestige at world scale.

Do not mention human rights! They are not mentioned. Let there not be Universal Justice in Spain! No Universal Justice in Spain ...

For a handful of billions of Euros, less than 8% of what each of the world wealthiest magnates have  ... total submission.

Submission has a high price.  Apart from disrepute and immediate popular rejection, it has the highest price in national dignity at medium and long term.  Always, at the end, the cost of indignity is very high.

Total submission.  Whoever forewarned is forearmed.