A new era

Sunday, September 14, 2014

In recent months, both at national and international levels (including the United Nations), I have had occasion to notice the "surprise" shown by that some politicians, parliamentarians, representatives of countries... where they realized that the "usual" schemes were unstable, bound and tied by those who have always extolled, and held power in accordance with standard guidelines, unable to be aware of the historical incursion of people in scenarios in which they had no access so far.

"What is happening?” they inquire, looking astonished at each other. What is happening is very simple and was proclaimed some time ago: humans have stopped being invisible, anonymous, fearful, silent, spectators, obedient ... and are becoming actors that get involved, protest and propose. Now, for the first time, they can express themselves, and consequently, put into practice the lucid beginning of the Charter of the United Nations: "We, the peoples...”.

The new protagonists are disrupting traditional political organization charts and begin to "change course and ship" as advised José Luis Sampedro.

It will be not possible soon to maintain the shame of  some groups of the wealthy countries -another big fiasco of neoliberals- trying to assume global governance  (193 countries!); nor be allowed to array electoral programs that next day are improperly changed; or that "parliamentary machinery” based on preterit absolute majorities is applied; and the continued decreasing of development aid ... looking the other way avoiding to see the upheaval of extreme poverty and abandonment, with thousands of people dying every day of hunger while 3 billion dollars are invested in weapons and military expenditures –I do not get tired of repeating- nor tolerate meetings and more meetings, summits and summits on topics such as "sustainable development" when -even with the huge risk of reaching points of no return, affecting irreversibly the habitability of Earth- resources or inevitable urgent measures are not provided... It is embarrassing to think that -as the heartbreaking images of immigrants shown- development aids have decreased dramatically, another major "side effects" of the current economic system...

The transition from an economy of antidemocratic speculation and production delocalization and war, to an economy based on knowledge for a sustainable and humane global development will be achieved because several million of "We, the peoples...", in a large popular outcry, will achieve radical changes so far unfeasible.

Citizen participation and global citizenship. Even though some stubborn persons resist admitting it, a new era is coming.