Ebola: a collective shame

Friday, September 19, 2014

I am distressed. Once again we receive news that is a grievance to the principles inherent of the human species ... and we brazenly continue being distracted by the immense media power, stunned, without reacting as we should. Before, we could not. Now, we can. For a moment, we can stop writing absolutely irrelevant things in our Twitters, Whatsapps, etc. and firmly express our protest and cry.

I never tire of saying that 3 billion dollars are daily invested in armaments and military expenditures.  Recently, 28 countries belonging to NATO have announced that will increase their defence spending.   So did China and Japan.  However, the WHO (World Health Organization) points out that the Organization does not have the minimum resources to protect people who care for Ebola patients or to preventing the pandemic dissemination because, as in all institutions of the United Nations System, there are “serious cuts”.  There is no money for fighting against Ebola, no money for fighting against hunger and extreme poverty (the last FAO Report is devastating), no money for ensuring decent housing for those who still are, after many years, in temporary refugee facilities.

You see: we continue supporting the lack of a democratic multilateral System of the refounded United Nations, depending in consequence of the small groups G6, G7 or G8, and of right decisions or not adopted by some countries, that still acting with good will, cannot replace a recognized authority at a global scale.

It is a collective shame.  There are not some hundred million dollars to fight against Ebola… when it represents an eighth of the daily military wasteful spending.

Let’s shout!