Do not see their movies!

Friday, August 29, 2014

"Hollywood , struggling against Hamas.
Two hundred famous support Israel"
("El País, 08/28/14)

I have a great affection for jewish, gypsies, palestinians, whites, blacks ... all human beings...

I am against all forms of violence and fanaticism. But supporting some leaders who have killed thousands of Palestinians, who have bombed schools and hospitals..., is intolerable.

Against everybody from both sides, the sectarian, dogmatic ... who use the most abject forms of domination, a citizen union at global level must provide a support "of the peoples" of such magnitude, an outcry of such echo, that their defeat is ensured.

And to those who surrender to the immense Israeli lobby by shameful interests, all the disdain and marginalization they deserve.

I will not go to see movies of these irresponsible, dependent and obedient actresses and actors.

I will ask my friends not to see them either.

I will try to contribute to popular rejection.