Weapons, weapons, weapons. Again, security instead of peace

Friday, September 12, 2014

Again security is prevailing -the immense business of security- on peace.  Again the war vultures are winners.  There was no money to reduce the huge social gaps, helping endogenous development and avoid these desperate migrations…. and now, suddenly, there is a lot of money for war.

A war impact with Iran was already attempted, after the shameful and intentional invasion of Iraq, based on simulation and lies. But Obama’s posture avoided it.

Then when Israel bombed schools and hospitals, NATO, as does in these cases, looked away.

 During Syrian war it was warned that some insurgents were not "civil society" but jihadist fighters and Al-Qaeda fanatics.

By the way, it has been said and repeated that jihadists received subsidies from Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Is this true? Tell us, is it true? Because if it were, the only responsible and acceptable reaction would be immediately stop trading with these countries, denounce them ... and Barça and other beneficiaries should remove the names of these countries from their shirts...

Is it true, might be true the "axis" Saudi Arabia-Qatar-Israel-US Republican Party? Tell us no, prove that it is not true! We sincerely hope that the answer is no.

But if, once again,  rockets and bombers’ manufacturing  are again put into operation while thousands of human beings are still starving and helpless every day, while many others are forced to leave their homes to avoid extreme poverty ... then "We, the peoples ..." would severely ask an explanation to those who govern. To those who have marginalized the United Nations; to those who have imposed the plutocratic groups G6, G8 ...; to those who changed the democratic principles by markets; to those who are rubbing their hands now announcing ("El País", September 6, 2014) that "The 28 allies (NATO) agree to spend more on defense due to new challenges."

After a failed coup d’état in Ukraine, the European Union is mobilized ... What the "quartet" has made? What the ineffable Mr. Blair has made during the tragic attacks on Palestine?

The force on reason, the bullets over the words have always prevailed in a world historically yielded to absolute male power.

But this took place when humans were silent, fearful, obedient, submissive. Now they are not anymore.

Willing or unwilling to recognize the "clinging" to inertia and their privileges, the time of their dominance, their shadowed and unexplained actions, of unlimited influence of the intelligence services... is coming to an end.

Of course we must urgently ensure that fanatics do not continue committing atrocities! but ensuring, at the sight of military material already available, that these actions are not an excuse for another intolerable growth of arms production.

Citizen power, in a short period of time, will imply that peace prevails and that the dragons of war will leave the scene that have heretofore occupied.

Citizen power will refound a democratic multilateralism, a United Nations for the new era.

Citizen power, the word. Citizen power to the historic transition "from force  to word”.