Make Peace, Not War!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A new lesson, to endow the United Nations with the authority that is essential if it is to promptly fulfill its mission of preventing the “scourge of war ".

When the present powers that be, who only know how to use force, turn to the United Nations, it is only at the last minute in situations such as the present one when there’s no alternative to war, but which is better than ignoring the UN as was the case in Iraq.

The G-8 and G20 should disappear from the international scene once and for all, because their decisions always come too late, at the wrong time, or never.

If 20 days ago they had unanimously supported the United Nations, peace could have been negotiated because all countries in the world oppose Gaddafi’s brutal tactics. Now, once again, we must resort to the language of bombs. But since until only a few weeks ago they were selling arms to the “dictator”, the weapons used on each side are the same and are known to all...

Let’s once and for all rid ourselves of the embarrassment of these “acrobat” leaders who without compass or measure one day embrace him and the next day disown him. And although they don’t want to recognize it, this is a systemic crisis and what they must promptly do is to turn world governance upside down and with courage and intelligence replace the G20 with a G-196, with all nations... because all countries suffer the consequences of the current plutocracy.

It’s true, we could not consent to what was happening. No one can fire on his own people with impunity... but when political determination was needed to promptly and unanimously apply diplomatic and economic pressure, force was used instead, with results that will always be unpredictable and considerable “collateral effects”.

They now commit acts of war with the same diligence with which they sold him weapons just a month ago. It’s essential that we learn this terrible lesson and take measures to ensure that similar opprobrium is not repeated.

Look at what is happening in Bahrain and Yemen. Isn’t it time to end the dreams of domination of Reagan, Thatcher and the groups of plutocrats to return to a United Nations as it should be, and quickly make it strong, efficient and respected by all?