Inadmissible lacks of solidarity!

Friday, April 29, 2011

1) The lack of solidarity of those who fail to pay their taxes –to share democratically and ensure that everyone has access to the social security system and health care, free education, and basic quality services…., choosing instead to deposit their money in tax “havens” that zealously keep the identity of their investors secret. This is a collective shame. Europe is scattered with countries whose largest source of revenue are funds deposited by selfish tax evaders.

When the failing financial institutions were rescued in November, 2008, the G-20 plutocrats assured law-abiding tax payers that this time the global banking system would be regulated and tax havens would be closed down for once and for all… But once again they broke their promises.

Governments should penalize this shameful situation for the social damage it causes, and regulate it through a reinforced United Nations backed by the whole of its member states.

A news item published not long ago underscored that thousands of Spaniards maintain accounts in Switzerland. Well, let it be known because if it is “normal” it should be transparent… and if it’s not transparent, then it’s certainly suspect.

3) The lack of solidarity of those who promote or tolerate a black market economy… who are often also those who rail against the high unemployment rate, whose “official” figures include a large percentage of “non-VAT” workers. This is another instance of a lack of employer solidarity that must be urgently remedied.

4) The lack of solidarity of those who for greed excessively “delocalize” production, just as Spain was used when we were a “developing country”. A huge amount of production has been transferred to countries in which labor costs are much lower (and where workplace conditions are often intolerably inhumane).

5) The lack of solidarity of those who file tax returns to pay less than they should, using every possible loophole (even legal ones…)

We are presently plagued by a systemic crisis, and the irreducible beneficiaries of globalization continue to work to ensure their survival and permanence.

Citizens must urgently take action to close down tax havens, to flush out the underground economy, to bring home the production of goods from places so distant from consumers that it cannot be justified, even in environmental terms.

If we act with solidarity, our problems will be resolved. Otherwise, our government leaders will continue to be trapped by opaque and protected markets, and politicians will continue to make empty promises aimed to attract voters, knowing all the while that if elected they will have to do what the system dictates… or simply look ridiculous, like those leaders who fly on low-cost airlines while drastically decreasing subventions for education and raising taxes…

Lack of solidarity, no. “The Peoples” will no longer tolerate it.