Libya: at last, “We the Peoples!..."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

This “tidal wave” can only be contained by a United Nations duly endowed with the necessary authority.

Now it turns out that the solution to the crisis in Libya “will be political and not military,” according to the same European leader who SOME days ago frenetically unleashed all possible military resources...

It’s clear. This “tidal wave” was foreseeable, commencing with the neighboring countries.

It was foreseeable that groups of globalizing plutocrats, hounded by the markets, would be unable to provide good governance.

It was foreseeable that, as designed by Roosevelt, only a strong United Nations with sufficient authority could now undisputedly offer the only possible solution.

To all of those who finally opted for a military solution rather than having previously chosen a political one: we must now recommend that they not delay taking these decisions, as they did before... because this “tidal wave” can no longer be stopped.