Get angry!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not everything is permissible, neither in form or substance, in order to mislead citizens for electoral purposes.

Following Stéphane Hessel’s wise recommendation, let’s get angry. Let’s cease to remain passive when once again we observe politicians who, offering no solutions and some of whom are surrounded by scandal and accused of corruption, who even came to power in questionable circumstances involving well-compensated vote-switching, are now at the highest level –those involved in the 1998 negotiations and in the Azores- slinging accusations against the Government and the police forces based on documents from ETA!

There is a limit to everything, especially in light of the great progress made in the fight against terrorism. Giving this group credibility will have consequences that this improper attitude deserves. It will truly have a boomerang effect.

It is not acceptable for the communications media to repeat not only the same insidious claims, but also to use language inappropriate from a democratic perspective and unwarranted for many citizens who, unaware, risk actually believing these outrageous remarks.

This is intolerable. It’s disgraceful.

Let’s raise our voices in protest. It’s a crime to remain silent.