The Courts’ Unequal Diligence… is of much concern

Friday, April 29, 2011

In addition to interpreting laws according to their “progressive” or “conservative” political affiliations, which is a recurring issue that is difficult to explain and casts doubts as to the impartiality of certain judges, another related matter of much concern is the different level of diligence evident in certain courts. Thus, to cite two well-known examples, in Castellon and Valencia days, months and even years may pass, even beyond the statute of limitations for criminal prosecutions, while in Seville, to mention another more recent example, cases are diligently expedited, being enthusiastically supported by those accused in the “slower” prosecutions.

Let there be no mistake: the “democratic principles” so well proclaimed in the UNESCO Constitution commence with the judicial system. Let’s all work together to foster a quick “normalization” of this cornerstone of the future we all desire.

Otherwise, the peoples, who now have a voice, will no longer tolerate these time unbalances or the biased and partial verdicts of our judicial system.