Agreements are reached without threats

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Do those who are now champions in the use of force, under strict limitations and for the specific purposes authorized by the Security Council, really believe that they will find a solution to the fratricidal excesses in Libya by threatening to drag the Libyan leader, who they so strongly armed, before the Criminal Court?

Do those who until only a few weeks ago received the now “dictator” Gaddafi with honors really believe this? Those who allowed him to set up his tent in prominent venues, awarded him medals –and even academic degrees- and sold him immense arsenals of war material?

They must now seek a clever way out of this mess. And after…

After seeing that the oil and profits to be made will go to the Libyan people (in that regard, who is now exploiting the oilfields in Iraq?)... Let’s not let that happen in Libya.

Later, after calmly considering what has happened in Iraq –millions of displaced people, thousands of dead and injured by an invasion based on lies and strategic and oil interests-… and in Gaza, for example…

Then, and only then, may Gaddafi and other autocrats be judged with reliable evidence.

Later. But right now find a peaceful solution that, as I have repeatedly underscored, should have been sought before, through the United Nations with the support of the world’s superpowers (which continue to attempt to govern the world with groups of plutocrats).

Later, perhaps. Now, urgently stop the conflict.