2011, the whirlwind year

Friday, April 29, 2011

Like humanity itself, the wind that carries the voice of the peoples, secularly silent, silenced, originated in Africa. It will now reach the whole world.

We must react wisely and timely. Not like in Libya. The time for dominating powers, for groups of plutocrats, is over.

It is time to unite, for a strong United Nations with a General Assembly that represents all of “the Peoples”. And an expanded and balanced Security Council, with the appropriate advisors, to likewise deal with questions of economic, environmental, energy and food security nature.

A United Nations to “save the future generations from the scourge of war”, the supreme commitment.

Do we realize how perfectly the UN Charter’s luminous mandate is being drawn?:

the Peoples

building peace

future generations

It is essential to achieve democracies that are “less formal” than the present ones in which obedience and biased interests drown out debate and the possibility for advancement and progress. Democracies hounded by the markets that, surreptitiously, are actually those in command.

Will our present political leaders be capable of rising to this great challenge?