For a few denarii

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

For a few denarii, on the front page of ABC there is frequently a very visible ad –it even appeared recently under a photo of Cardinal Rouco- in which a beautiful woman with bare arms eagerly proclaims “Bravo for sex!” Then underneath, on the same front age, are the “technical” details: "Premature ejaculation? Erectile dysfunction?... Visit our clinic...". Yes, for a few denarii this is available to unwitting readers of all ages...

Later, for a few more denarii –and it’s the same in the majority of newspapers, with exceptions that warrant to be commended- on the inside pages there are ads for prostitutes with blatant images and even more blatant text: "Woman, married but unsatisfied... I’m your slave... Do with me whatever you want..." And then the details of the “specialized” services offered.

Is this how they intend to contribute to educating people, particularly children and adolescents? After this, how can they justify their comments concerning the language and habits of young people and how values are taught in the Spanish education system?