Garzón, World Judge

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Some time ago (on April 1, 2010) I wrote in this blog that if they were able to prosecute Garzón, he would emerge unscathed. Given his national and international reputation, I knew that the wicked locals, obsessed with obscuring the past, would not be able to suppress our collective memory, but rather would enlighten and awaken it by further highlighting the work of a judge who, with great courage and foresight has not only sought to do justice to Spain’s past and present, but who has also taken aim at international criminals and perpetrators in acts of genocide.

They sought to put an end to Judge Garzón’s brilliant career and they have made him even more visible.

People frequently acquire “world status” when they suddenly die or are the victims of real or spiritual assassination... and just as suddenly all the world finally appreciates and values what they have done, with those who survive having the advantage of personally enjoying this worldwide recognition.

Despite my sadness and indignation, way down deep I am pleased because the dirty hands that sought to alienate and censure a great Spanish judge have made him a world renowned judge, respected by the immense majority of Spaniards and, what is more difficult, by all mankind.