For even a few more denarii

Friday, July 2, 2010

For even a few more denarii advertising (for perfumes, jeans, lingerie…) that negatively affects the emotions and behavior of children are allowed on our streets and in public venues. But the advertisers don’t care because in the world of the “market” anything goes. Anything. Even those things that as parents, guardians or educators we suddenly discover are extremely damaging to the behavioral development and life styles of those who depend on us.

We must react. We can’t be irresponsible. Let’s refuse to purchase the products of the companies behind those advertisements. And let’s do the same with the sponsors of television channels and programs who also believe that anything goes. What they say and how they say it. The images that they broadcast and the times they broadcast them. When they become aware of this boycott, they will urgently change their ways. This is the meaning of “citizen power”: to hit those who so strongly influence young people in the only place that will be quick to understand: in their pocketbooks. By not consuming the products that they offer potential consumers in this shameful way. Only then will we be able to infuse these shameful ads with some freedom and dignity.