For a handful of votes...

Monday, June 28, 2010

They are "possible” votes that are in no way sure since, given the time remaining before the next elections, these activities, so lacking in solidarity, may likewise have a price... in votes.

But even if this were not the case, it is irresponsible behavior with respect to society as a whole and our democratic principles –which shouldn’t be tarnished so frequently- to place at risk decisions that must be taken at the national level, and which our membership in the Europe Union requires.

And I should underscore that these decisions are not to my liking. Neither did I like the “rescue” that the G-20 afforded financial institutions in November, 2008, nor do I like the communications technology and real estate “bubbles” created by the “globalizers” who argued in favor of the market’s “self-regulation” of business activities... Nor do I agree with the “assessment” of the economy by biased and partial public or private institutions... and world governance that continues to be exercised by groups of plutocrats who, avoiding a multilateral system and being incapable of finally eliminating tax havens, are subjecting political life to speculation and enabling the “rescued” financiers to once again seek to run the show...

So I’m not in agreement with practically anything. But not having once, just this one time, put the interests of Spain above their own is absolutely inappropriate and irresponsible.

Great political leaders think about the future generations. The little ones focus on the upcoming elections.

For a handful of votes, or maybe not even that many!


Joanne Tawfilis said...

Being "not in agreement" is not a bad thing--especially in your case. There is a huge population of civil society that understands all you have stood for...even some of us who are grains of sand among small grass roots--for we are people who have shown that it is possible to thrive WITHOUT the help of corporations, bureacracies, philanthropic organizations that award each other so often, or governments. You are one of our beacons of leadership and truth, one of the founders of the Culture of Peace, one whose principles we have followed valiently when so many literally "killed" the official decade and minimized the contributions some of us have facilitated with real people.
For us (The Art Miles Mural Project), we have never compromised our project of bringing people together through the arts "for a handful of votes or a handful of coins" to prove that we have met the challenge; instead, there are over 1/2 million people from over 125 countries that have participated in our programs (100% volunteer!) and created more than 4,000 murals which we, against all odds will utilize as a commemoration of the final year of the Decade and as a launching of a new decade of hope and global harmony that you and those like Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury and Professor David Adams have kept alive for all these years. YOU honor us with your very presence and it is our hope that we can HONOR YOU and them during our gala exhibition in Egypt between September 21-December 31, 2010! May Peace Prevail On Earth! JTawfilis (

June 28, 2010 at 8:08 PM
Federico Mayor said...

Many thanks. I think thar your initiative is very imaginative and can movilize many people in favour of a culture of peace... Cordially, Federico Mayor

July 13, 2010 at 3:14 AM
Ann said...

I think that this Project is very interesting for promotion a culture of peace!! Ann

July 13, 2010 at 3:16 AM