The World Cup is worth €600,000 to each player

Monday, June 14, 2010

I like football. And I can appreciate the quality of certain footballers. Especially those in the youth local teams. But I think that it’s shameful, inappropriate and unacceptable for these players, who are also the most highly paid in the country –and that’s why they are part of the squad- to be offered 600,000 euros (x 23 = 13.8 million euros) if they win the World Cup.

This amount is of course small fry if we calculate the media "return" that this victory would bring about. Those who will be "lacing their boots", in any case, are those who have managed to ensure that both the press and the broadcasters dedicate pages and hours of popular entertainment, turning us into mere impassive receivers for whom time passes by and passes by in this way without pauses to reflect, to express oneself, to agree or disagree, in short, to be citizens. Full citizens.

They keep us entertained. They are winning the game.

How many acts of reconciliation and peace, development and rehabilitation following disasters could be funded with this "added bonus"?

We have to change. Radical changes, with the participation of the people. Including those of us who are keen on football.