Thursday, June 24, 2010

Human rights are based on the equal dignity of all human beings. Israel, which paid such a high price in lives and suffering to have this recognized internationally, must now learn its own lesson. All human beings. Israel should now forget about the “chosen people”. All equal in dignity.

Israel’s abhorrent acts, the disdain with which they treat others –the dead children in Gaza, the living conditions on the Strip, their brutal response to the humanitarian aid that arrived on their coasts- deserve unanimous condemnation, and not only “regrets”, from all mankind.

The cornerstone of future peaceful coexistence, which we owe the coming generations –Israel’s too- is recognizing the equal dignity of each human being, who is unique and irreplaceable. This was solemnly proclaimed in the UNESCO Constitution, drafted after a terrible war with the most abominable practices of extermination and holocaust.

Neither the authorities nor the people of Israel should forget this. Nor should those who from the highest levels of power second them without so much as a word. We owed them so much. Now it is their turn, and this cannot be postponed.

Yes, Israel: all equal.