The things we have to hear!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Spain is paying a high price for its progressist illusion”, said former President Aznar impassively in a statement published on the front page of the ABC daily (March 28), seated and staring directly at his readers, wearing a half smile. He is one of the Azores Three, and the only one who has not yet acknowledged the immense error –and the suffering and deaths- caused by that horrendous decision…

It is not Spain but rather the whole world that is paying a high price for the diappointment of neoliberal globalization, the “bubbles, total deregulation, replacing ethical principles and social justice with the laws of the market, the alienation of multilateralism that has been replaced by groups of plutocrats, the weakening of the Nation-State, transferring not only financial resources, but also political responsibility to large private consortia.

Mr. Aznar is profoundly displeased that after 60 years the progressives in the US have extended healthcare to all citizens; that over 30 million Americans, the poorest and most vulnerable, finally have access to medical services, despite the large insurance companies.

We will never again allow ourselves to be deceived, no matter how much media power is mobilized in favor of formulas which, in addition to disappointment, have produced enormous social unrest and have promoted the extension of an economy of speculation and war, delocalizing production in the East. We now want all human beings, and not only those who live in the rich neighborhood of our global village to benefit from progress. We now want to eradicate poverty and hunger. We now want fewer war machines and more global sustainable development: renewable energies, food, water and healthcare for all, while protecting the environment…

And we will no longer allow those who disappointed us so deeply to determine the new course of mankind